Your Questions About Losing Weight In College

by Maricela on March 4, 2013

Mandy asks…

Is it a myth that running makes you lose weight?

I don’t think so.
I was planning on joining ROTC at my college .
But I am seriously underweight which I would get deductions for.
I don’t mind the running and workouts but running makes my situation worse doesn’t it?
I need to hit the gym for muscle.
But my recruiter says losing weight from running is myth?
I was going to see a doctor or dietitian but I don’t think I will in time to sign up for classes.

Maricela answers:

Exercise, eating low fat foods and drinking only water= weight loss if you got it to lose in the first place… As americans we are spoiled by the unhealthy way of living

Steven asks…

How can I start losing weight efficiently and safely?

I am 287 and i am five feet eight inches. I am in my last year of college and I am pretty sure I came in at about 200 pound. I don’t want heart problems but i really need an efficient way to lose weight. Please help me.

Maricela answers:

Here’s a few tips that work for me:
I spend a long time in front of a computer screen. Often I just stare at the monitor for up to 15 seconds while a page load or a document gets printed or whatever it is that the computer is doing.
When this is happening I lift my hands up over my head and then bring them down. I keep on doing this until the computer has finished whatever it is doing and it requires some input.,. From me.
I do similar exercises like getting up from the chair and sitting down again. I sometimes might be standing up and might type a few sentences while standing.
Combine this with drinking only water and I am doing something to lose weight. It is not much but doing it all the time it does help in losing weight.
I might swap this sometimes. I might decide that I will not do the arm exercise for a week but that week I will get off the lift two floor below and walk up the last two floors.
So long as when I go to bed at night I can say that that day I have done something extra to burn some weight, I am happy.

Chris asks…

What should i drink instead of beer to lose weight?

SInce i am a sophmore in college, i drink alot. I am in love with beer but i really am trying to lose weight before my sisters wedding. Not drinking is merely just not an option haha. So what should i drink instead that tastes pretty good?

Maricela answers:

Liquor has less calories than beer, and you need less of it to get a buzz. As you need less of it, you ingest less calories, and should lose weight. Mix with sparkling water, or juice NOT made from concentrate. (Juice made from concentrate can cause weight gain. For the same reasons, don’t mix with sodas, even diet sodas. On a side note, don’t drink diet sodas, thinking you’ll lose weight. Current studies have shown diet sodas actually cause longterm weight gain, because of the aspartame within them)

Make sure you eat before you drink, so you don’t eat whatever is around later.

Good luck!

Robert asks…

What would you reccomend my best friend (5’2″ and 140 punds) do to lose weight?

Me best friend wants to lose weight. However, she’s a college student and needs some advice on how to lose weight and keep it off. She says she want a lifestyle change with her eating. How does she do that and how much weight does she need to lose?

Maricela answers:

With eating just look up recipes without many calories. Really to lose weight you should be eating 5 meals a day (including snacks). Then you can exercise by maybe checking with zumba or are both good. The more you eat the less likely you are to snack. Just make sure it is healthy things. I’m the same height as her and I weigh 98 lbs. Although, I’m small framed so that is good for me. My mom is the same height and weighs 115 lbs. She does that exact thing. It takes some time but once you get into the routine your golden 🙂 Tell her I said Good Luck! It is possible.

Lizzie asks…

How to lose weight during college?

I’m used to counting calories from meals and going to the gym. I’m starting college in a month, and will be eating 3 meals a day (2 on weekends) as that’s how my meal plan is, and don’t plan on having snacks, really. I’d go to the gym daily, as well. I can lose weight like that, right? Or is that too little food?

Maricela answers:

It all depends on the quantity of the meal and whats in it! But don’t forget you need to eat vegetables to lose weight, very important! And if you exercice daily, it sounds good for you to lose weight! (:

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