Your Questions About Losing Weight Fast

by Maricela on April 16, 2013

Michael asks…

How do I lose weight fast without exercise?

It’s not because I’m lazy and refuse to move my ass. I had a injured knee last week and the doctor said I cannot do any exercise for at least 1 month. I need to lose weight fast because next month is my sister’s wedding. I’m 17, 167cm, and 160lbs. With my current size, I can’t even fit into a dress :*(
Please help me to at least fit into a cute decent dress?
Thanks in advance!

Maricela answers:

Sorry about your knee, but the best way for anyone to lose weight is to do more exercise and eat less. Keep a balanced diet, but eat just a little less food each meal time, have fewer snacks between meals. Eat fruit instead of cakes and cookies, for instance. Seek a dietitian’s advice before changing your diet drastically, though. And try to do some exercise without using the injured knee. You’ll need to walk to the bathroom now and then: well, hobble a little further than you really need to. Read a heavy book, but hold it up as much as you can bear to! Good luck, focus, look forward to and really enjoy the wedding day!

Mary asks…

What have YOU done to lose weight fast that has been successful for you?

By saying losing weight fast, I mostly mean losing slighly more than 1-2 pounds a week, like say 3-4 pounds. But if people had success in losing more weight than that over the course of a week, I’m interested in hearing about it as well as your before and after weight. No lectures please. Thanks

Maricela answers:

When i was trying hard to lose weight for my wedding i managed to lose 7 lbs in one week, by really watching what i ate and literally working out for an hour at the gym for 6 nights but to be honest, i felt quite weak and i did feel my body had suffered for it, just sticking to a healthy diet and working out 3 times a week WILL, over the right space of time help you lose and keep off the weight

Steven asks…

What are some of the exercise to lose weight fast ?

I am 14 and I weight about 115lb which is very fat to me . I have a belly . I want to lost weight fast and I Ty out bunch of exercise for the last 6 months I don’t see a big result . What are some exercise and routine for me to lose weigh fast and don’t cost money . Thanks .

Maricela answers:

You can easily lose weight quick and safe:

1. Eat more healthy; lean cut meat items, vegetables, fresh fruits, etc

2. Keep a calorie shortage of roughly 500

3. Work-out frequently even if it is simply a brief walk

4. Refrain from using the latest gimmick or fad diet plans

learn more:

Robert asks…

How to lose weight fast and esy in two weeks?

How do i lose weight fast? For me it is hard i need everyday to be planned out. Like what am i suppose to eat or what routine i’m supposed to do for exercise. I need help i need to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks or so. But HOW?? Please answer my question
Also if you have a schedule i could do or an example something like that it will be nice. By schedule i mean what food to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also for exercise.

Maricela answers:

Oooookaaaaaaaaaaaay haha

First of all, cut out chocolate, fast food, soda, and candy for 2 weeks.

Don’t eat none of that crap for 2 weeks, NO EXCEPTIONS

Now, Cardio Exercises really help to lose fat. Try Dancing, it really helps. And if your too embarassed then try jumping jacks, riding a bike, treadmill, boxing, heck even the NINTENDO Wii!!! But the Boxing game in Wii sports is the one that will help you the most.

Alright then, so now you know to cut out chocolate, candy, soda, and fast food for 2 weeks. Oh and NO liquor!!! >=[

Drink water and LOTS of it. When your alittle hungry, don’t eat food, drink a nice big cold glass of water to satisy your taste buds for a while.

Exercise everyday, but cardio exercises since your planning on losing weight and not gaining muscle.

So get outside or in your garage or your room, put on some music, and get that butt moving ya hear!

Thomas asks…

How can i lose weight fast? And is it okay to run on a tred mill and hour after eating a little?

Okay i need to lose weight fast and nothing seems to work. Will i be able to lose weight if i drink 8 glasses of water everyday and run on the treadmilll everyday? Also is it okay to run on the tred mill after eating a little bit? Advice please.

Maricela answers:

It should be fine unles ur feeling nausea then i would get off but yeah thats fine an u also need to like cut bakc on junk food an stuff just beacuse ur workiong out doesnt mean ur loseing the junk food u would probably stay the same weight an not get any smaller

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