Your Questions About Losing Weight During Pregnancy

by Maricela on May 7, 2013

Steven asks…

Whats the quickest way to lose weight?

i am 22 and i’m overweight i’ve had two children and i’m finding it hard to lose the weight i gained during pregnancy. i want to get back to what i used to be but i keep giving up on all these different diets. anyone got any advise?

Maricela answers:

Just try and eat little and often of good food, not the rubbish that we usually eat like prepacked food etc. Cut out cheese and bread as that’s usually high in sugar esp the long life stuff. However you can purchase weight watchers bread.

When I did it I just got rid of the rubbish in my cupboards and had smoothies for breakfast, a salad with say chicken or fish for lunch and then a healthy dinner in the evening.

I also bought the book to You Are What You Eat. Mind you in that book she does say that even she binges out but it’s a treat about once a month so just treat the nice food we all really go for as a treat now and then.

Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Is it normal to loose more weight than what you gained during pregnancy?

My weight before I conceived was 160 lbs. I only gained 10lbs. During the pregnancy. Baby is now 1 week 1/2 and I already lost weight my weight after one week was 160 which I thought was good , but I weighted myself again and now it’s 150? How could that happen? Baby weight was 7lbs.
Has this happened to anyone else?

Maricela answers:

You only gained 10 lose about 10 lbs immediately with the baby placenta and yeah its pretty normal, i gained about 20 lbs durin…112 to start, and within a week of having my son i was back into all of my regular clothes and they fit me the same as they did before i got pregnant

Robert asks…

Have some women never gained weight during their pregnancy?

I was just curious. I’m 14 weeks pregnant pre-pregnancy weight was about 20lbs overweight and so far I’ve lost around 7lbs. The doctors have never seemed concerned and never mentioned anything about it, so I was just wondering if some women never gained weight during pregnancy? I know I still have a while to go, but I was just curious.

Maricela answers:

I was overweight before I conceived. I’ve lost 10lbs and my doctor said that was ok because I was overweight. If there was something to worry about rest assure that the ob would let you know.

Helen asks…

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

I just entered my third month and havnt gained anything yet-I did lose 5 lbs though cuz I can’t eat too much thanks to morning sickness. Is this normal? When will I start gaining weight and how much should I gain?
Also I’m pretty nervous that I won’t be able to lose weight after I give birth. My mom keeps telling me not to worry that I’m young and it’s my first baby so the weight will come off fast, especially if I exercise and eat healthy during my pregnancy. Is she right?

Maricela answers:

As long as you are eating right and exercising you will be fine. All women are different and you don’t have to gain a lot of weight to have a healthy baby. As long as you are getting good nutrition your baby is too. I only gained 10lbs with my pregnancy because I changed how I was eating, I was eating better and exercising more. They monitor the baby and as long as baby is growing nicely you don’t need to worry.

Carol asks…

How to lose weight faster and the strech marks after pregnancy?

I didn’t put on much weight during pregnancy but since then I am putting on more weight.and also the stretch marks on my tummy isnt going away.any suggestions?i have started feeling so frustrated n depressed with my life already(not because of the weight issue of course).thank you

Maricela answers:

Watch your fat intake. Each fat gram contains 9 calories so by reading the total calories on a food and knowing the quantity of fat, you can estimate the % of fat, which should in no way exceed 30% of the food.
Go easy on salt, as too much salt is one of the causes of obesity. Make it a point to really cut down on salt. Try to bring down your salt intake to half of what it was last year.

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