Your Questions About Losing Weight After Pregnancy

by Maricela on March 29, 2013

Susan asks…

How can I lose weight safely during pregnancy?

I was trying to lose weight before getting pregnant. Im about 8 weeks and sooo bloated. Im nacious constantly so I have to eat small meals every couple of hours. Im also trying to get better at drinking more water and working out a little.
So is there some kind of pregnancy diet that will help the baby grow but help me lose fat?

Maricela answers:

No, dieting is never safe during pregnancy. Only things you can really do are eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising. But dont overdue the exercise, only do what your doctor approves.I know how you feel, I am 24 weeks and have been bloated since 6 weeks. At this point the bloating is gone now and my belly is finally baby and not just air haha but i understand wanting to diet, but just remember its a few months and then you will be able to go back to it, for now, you need to do whats best for baby. Good luck 🙂

Robert asks…

Losing weight during the first trimester?

Ok, I’ve heard about women losing weight throughout the whole pregnancy, but I always thought that they kept getting bigger even with the weight loss.

But I’m 8 weeks along and I’ve actually lost weight and dropped a size. I’ve never heard of this! Not that I’m really complaining, but should I be worried about how the baby is growing?

Maricela answers:

Don’t worry. The baby takes what nutrients it needs from you, whether by way of the food you eat or by breaking down your excess fat and muscle. As long as you are still a healthy weight, losing a few pounds is usually not an issue, especially in the first trimester. Just keep taking those prenatal vitamins.

Linda asks…

Is it possible to lose weight when pregnant?

My husband and I are thinking about starting a family, but I want to lose a significant amount of weight during or before. Is it possible that while eating healthy as I have been, unlike my awful eating habits in the past, to lose weight throughout my pregnancy?

Maricela answers:

Good luck with your family!

Your body will tell you what to eat (cravings). Eat a balanced diet and don’t worry about losing weight.

David asks…

What’s a quick and easy way to lose weight for a nursing mom?

I had my 2nd little one about 4 weeks ago, and I really want to lose weight. I’ve already lost 27 of the 30 lbs I put on throughout the pregnancy, but I’m really anxious to get started on losing the weight that I never lost after after having my 1st child. I will definitely wait until my 6 week check with my doctor before I start an exercise regimen, but I want it to go quickly. Any suggestions or advice?

Maricela answers:

Count calories and fat. Limit to a 1,000 calorie or 30 gram of fat diet a day and you will lose weight without exercise. I lost 30 ponds in 3 months! Exercise helps too! Its so simple its just crazy. Also limit portion sizes and that will help a lot.

Sharon asks…

How many calories do I need to consume when breastfeeding to lose weight?

I would like to lose weight that I gained during pregnancy and am currently breastfeeding which is supposed to use like 500 calories a day or something but I am not solely breastfeeding, I do also give my baby like 3 bottles a day too so I don’t think I will be burning as much through nursing. Anyone know how many calories I should consume to lose weight steadily? Thanx

Maricela answers:

Thats a tough question really If your like me i only get to a certain weight and my milk reduces by heck of a lot! Not sure why but it does!

Best thing for you is to probably eat about 1500-1800 cal’s a day cos then dont forget you burn about 300 with your feeding

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