Your Questions About Losing Weight After Pregnancy

by Maricela on March 11, 2013

Mandy asks…

Is it bad to lose weight during pregnancy if it’s b/c of healthy lifestyle changes?

I was 5 lbs overweight when I started my pregnancy, so not that much. But I started drinking a TON of water and doing yoga every morning, but still eating well b/c I know I’m eating for two, but I started losing weight. Is that bad if I’m still eating healthily?


Maricela answers:

No, that’s perfectly fine. A lot of women lose weight in their first trimester from morning sickness. I’ve heard of women losing 15lbs! As for overweight and developing a healthy lifestyle most doctors recommend it. I’m a bit over weight and my Midwife and I are going to work out a schedule, meal plan, and exercise routine with a personal trainer so that I can lose weight the healthy way during this pregnancy. I had my son 6 months ago and gained 50lbs with him. I’ve only lost 25lbs since he was born so I still have a bit to lose and my Midwife said it’s perfectly fine as long as I do it the safe way. As long as you’re not stressing your body and getting the right amount of healthy calories you’re good.

Sandy asks…

When should i start gaining weight in pregnancy?

I’m about a month maybe a month and a half. Ive lost about 6 pounds since i conceived. Im afraid i might miscarry or the baby wont be 100% healthy. When should i start to gain weight? and is it normal for you to lose weight in early pregnancy? i have morning sickness but don’t puke ALOT, ALOT. I dont smoke or drink. im taking prenatal pills also. this is my first baby and im stressing about losing him/her. please help!

Maricela answers:

It happens on the first pregnancy, but if you are already a month or so it’s too early in the pregnancy to gain weight. Usually on the third and forth month is when the baby starts to develop faster and that’s around the time. Usually on the third trimester is when the baby and the mother gain the most weight. If you have question and you need to make sure everything is fine, go to your doctor.

Michael asks…

What about weight lose during pregnancy is it possible.?

I already needed to lose weight before
pregnancy I want to get in shape what kind of exercise is the best im 33 weeks along?

Maricela answers:

You need to talk to your doctor and rely only on the information he gives you. B/C no one on here knows your medical history, how much you weigh, how many babies you are carrying, etc, etc. But doctors love to help women who are overweigh get in shape before the baby so that they will heal quicker, and have more energy to move around and be a mother. So please ask your doctor what you are allowed to do while pregnant. My sisters doctor put her on a walking plan (although she lost 10 lbs before she got pregnant). And she didn’t gain any weigh with her pregnancy she lose weight. And I have a healthy neice. Good Luck to you and baby!

David asks…

Why do women gain weight during pregnancy?

I know, obviously from the baby and the fluid and the placenta, but where does the rest of the weight come from? sitting around? stuffing their faces with cake? Is it possible to LOSE weight during pregnancy from eating extremely healthfully and working out?

Maricela answers:

Well, I am from Europe (but live here in US), and I am going to tell you what, no one gain extra fat during pregnancy there. What your baby needs is only extra100 calories a day first 6 months, and 300 last 3 months. Please, do some research about the year of 1990, when US docs started to recommend a gain weight to avoid law suites . Docs usually generalize a public and would give the same save advice to anybody just to be safe. Recently I asked my friend OBGIN nurse if I need to gain any weight if I am pregnant ( I am 125p, 5’7). She said no, unless you are an anorexic.

When I had my 1st baby, in 1996 no one recommended me to gain any weight then, and I didnt , just gained a weight of baby itself and placenta etc. So I was the same weight as I was 9 months ago when I left a hospital, however my daughter weighted 8’2 pounds 21 inch. More then babies of some moms who gained 40 pounds. My daughter now is the best in school, National Award winner in Science and math, and is in better shape then her obese classmates. She also has no allergies and in perfectly health.

I can write and write here about a great American health system, but I just want to people to do some research and use a common scene when somebody tells you that your fat ass is going to contribute to your baby’s health. Obviously 70% obesity in this country is not good enough ( btw obesity went up actually after 1990), I have a master degree and do a lot of research. I do not trust an American health system either, where everything based on money and law-suits scared doctors. (FYI more then 50% of surgeries that US doc recommend are not necessary, they done “just in case” despite that the side affects can be deadly). Once again, do some research, you will be surprised.

Donna asks…

Great ways to lose weight after pregnancy?

I am 39 weeks pregnant with my second child in two years, so I know that I have packed on quite a lot of weight.. I am scared to even look at the scales..

I was wondering, does anyone have any great tips for losing weight while breastfeeding a newborn, and taking care of a 13 month old?

Maricela answers:

Lol! Don’t worry. Just wait a few months til your 13 month old becomes a serious “toddler”. You’ll be running round so much the weight will fall off! ;o) I know. My daughter’s almost 3!

Breast feeding is definately the best way to quickly lose baby belly weight as you probably know. And just watch what you eat. Change to diet soft drinks and nibble on carrot sticks for example instead of crisps and chocolates (if like me you are sweet-toothed) and it’ll make a huge difference.

If you want, join a gym. Okay, I’ll admit it’s not for me, but hey, if you like the dreaded exercise, go for it! Leaving the kids with daddy or the grandparents etc for an hour or two whilst you go workout will do wonders for your sanity! Lol!

I’m due on the 7th of Dec and am also in need of losing a lb or erm… More than two!
I haven’t looked at the scales either. Doesn’t help that with my giant baby belly I couldn’t see what they say anyhow ;o)

Good luck xx

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