Your Questions About Losing Weight After Baby

by Maricela on May 2, 2013

Sharon asks…

How many calories should i consume if I am breastfeeding a one month old baby and I want to lose weight?

I’m 5’6″ and weight 145 lbs. I am breastfeeding my one month old baby and I want to lose about 15-20 lbs. I don’t workout. So how many calories should consume a day if i want to lose weight safely.

Maricela answers:

Ok the rule is….when breastfeeding add 500 calories a day. With that said, what weight loss program are you trying? How many calories does is recommend? Many doctors would tell you to take a 500 calorie defecit for weight loss. So, that takes us back to the normal calorie intake of 2,000 calories, for a breastfeeding woman who wishes to lose weight.

Lizzie asks…

What should my body look like when I take swimming classes?

I’m 16, College Freshman student. I weigh 53kgs and 116lbs. My figures 34-28-30. The next semester I will be taking swimming classes for my PE. I want so bad to lose weight (my baby fats, in particular). I would like to get sexier. 😛 😛 Any opinion about it?

Maricela answers:

How could you be 16 and be in college? Also, i’m sorry to say but i don’t think it’s baby fat! You usually lose all your baby fat before you’re 10! Anyways, if you swim everyday i’m sure you’ll lose weight! Because swimming takes a lot of energy and you use all your body so you’ll get a great workout

Mandy asks…

How do I get a flat stomach without losing weight?

I’m not fat ( 5′ and 96 pounds ) but my stomach is shaped very roundly. Before I had a baby my stomach was flat. I thought when I lost weight it would go back to how it was, but it didn’t. I want it to go back to normal but with out losing weight, what can I do?

Maricela answers:

Well, when you’re a Mom, you don’t get the figure you had before you became a Mom. I would recommend going to your Doctor to talk about getting your figure back or maybe even a health fitness. Good luck, BTW. 🙂

Susan asks…

What can I do to lose weight after pregnancy?

I just had my baby on Dec. 21 2006. I just want to know how soon can I start losing weight and what exercises can I do?

Maricela answers:

Weight Watchers has a program that is for nursing mothers. You can start as early as 6 weeks from the birth. Other than that you should take it easy until 6 weeks are up. Your body needs this time to restore and heal–and you need this time to bond with your new baby. Other that that I would say you could go on light walks (no hill climb–just a flat terrain and a light pace).

After 6 weeks are over you can get some post-partums exercise DVDs or join a strollercise class—just look up stroller workout in a yahoo search and you’ll find links.

Good Luck and please be patient and above all nurture your body–don’t be too hard on it; it just accomplished the biggest task ever given it.

Helen asks…

What is the quickest way to lose baby weight?

Pregnancy has given me bad habits….
And I am wondering what exercises and what foods I should eat to help?
I use a calorie counter, but some of the foods that are home made I can’t really calculate how many calories they contain (homemade bread I really shouldn’t eat)
I work full time at a call center and that really makes me tired mentally. I am medicated for depression…
My son is 7 months old I was underweight before I had my son (I’m not proud)
But I’m 160 and 5’7 my bmi is close to overweight and hell I’m feeling insecure..
I would like to go down to 130.
Would like to hear a personal story as to how someone lost weight from having a baby? Perhaps?
Some advice would be appreciated.
I need more drive… I feel like I’m lacking and I’m just getting overwelmed there just isn’t enough time for working out, working full time and taking care of my son.
I am also a single mother. My sons father left me for another woman.
I know its exercise I need I’m not stupid! I just want to know what the best exercises are and what foods are the most helpful!
Like I said I’m balancing being a full time mom and working full time! (Negative comments do not make you look good)

Maricela answers:

After having my baby I was 50lbs. Heavier than I had started out, yikes! I lost all of the weight in 3 months. This is how:

I only had certain foods in the house and I ate the same thing every day at the same time and only had certain foods available for snacks. I had oatmeal with walnuts and raisins every morning for breakfast, I had those low-fat low-calorie high fiber flat sandwich circle things with two-three slices of cold-cut turkey or chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and mustard for lunch and would have an apple or something crunchy like that (carrots) with it, or I’d have a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. I snacked on some nuts or fruit or veggies when I felt like I needed something else in my stomach. For dinner I’d make a huge heaping salad, with mostly lettuce, and sometimes would have grilled chicken or salmon on top, but other times would use mushrooms or chickpeas to make it feel more bulky. I would use olive oil and vinegar to dress the salad in a moderate amount. If I was really aching for something before bed, or something dessert-like, I’d warm up a cup of almond milk and put a little cocoa powder in it to get that chocolate-creamy consistency.

I would push my little guy in the stroller around the neighborhood, up and down hills for about 40 minutes every day while listening to a book on tape, or just talking to the baby. Then I also joined a gym at 6 weeks post-partum and started swimming and doing weights classes. It was a gym that provided free babysitting, so I was able to take the baby to the gym and work out, this was CRITICAL!

I was also breast feeding during this time which aids in weight loss.

Good luck.

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