Your Questions About Losing Weight After Baby

by Maricela on March 27, 2013

Daniel asks…

Is it really that difficult to lose the baby weight or is it just like losing weight at any point?

I know that as long as you eat properly during pregnancy, that most of the weight comes off a few weeks after pregnancy, but let’s face it, some of us retain weight more heavily than others.

Is losing the baby weight more difficult than losing weight at any other time or is it just like losing weight?

BQ: If it’s harder, why?

Maricela answers:

I personally didn’t have a problem losing my baby weight. Might be because I made it a priority to work out 5 times a week, no matter what. Some people don’t have this drive or privilege because they have so many other things they need to get done. I just planned my day around my workout.

I lost all of my weight by the time my son was 4 months old. My son is now 6 months old and I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant. It’s the same difficulty, but having a baby makes getting to the gym harder.

Betty asks…

I am first time mom.Do babies lose weight when they start crawling or teething?

My baby is approx. 17 lbs. I wanna know will she lose weight,she is eating very less nowadays.I am worried about her weight.
She is 7 months old

Maricela answers:

My son wasn’t eating properly through teething, my doctor said it was normal and his weight didn’t drop enough to be a worry. Your baby doesn’t seem to be under weight but take her to a doctor or nurse if you are worried. As long as she is getting plenty of fluids she should be fine, my son lost a little weight when he started walking because he didn’t want to sit still long enough to eat a full meal when he worked out the fun stuff he could be doing instead. Take her to a doctor, it’s always better to know the facts from a professional.

Chris asks…

How soon after my baby should I start losing weight?

I’m determined to lose this baby weight! An any extra ! Just wondering how long after I deliver can I start working out and losing the weight?

Maricela answers:

You can start loosing the weight immediately by eating right, breastfeeding and light exercise. Wait for 6 weeks for more strenuous exercise.

Donald asks…

how can i tone my body after having a baby 17 mons ago without losing weight?

how can i tone my body after having a baby 17 mons ago without losing weight. See i lost the weight but never got tone and fit. i really need help with my butt and belly. and my boobs lost there body to. i never got my body back and i want it back… So plz someone help me im only 22 and i want my body back.

Maricela answers:

Want to learn how to tone your body in weeks not months? Learn How to tone your body with these 5 exercises, and still enjoy the summer time fun. The facts are simple; too many people experience the summer time push to look and feel good.

Many times people want to tone their body, but do not have the time to spend at a gym. Well we are happy to say you can achieve your dreams of looking and feeling great, while enjoying the summer time fun.

How to Tone your Body and see Results Now?

This easy to perform 15 minute toning workout will give you enough moves and strength to sculpt your core to perfection. The goal is not to build a huge muscular look but to tone your body for the beach.

The object is to go hard for 30 seconds and don’t count reps. If the 5 exercises are performed to perfection you will see instant results. Perform as many reps as you can in 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. The 5 exercises are done as a unit and should be performed in sequence. Perform the rotation until the 15 minutes is up-usually 4 rotations of the five exercises.

The Best Body Workout:

1. Dumbbell Clean and Press:
Start by holding dumbbells parallel to you thighs. Perform a simple clean and jerk movement. Bring the dumbbells from your thighs to overhead by bending you knees and pushing to the sky.

2. Cable Squat:
Attach E-Z Curl bar to a pulley machine, use low adjustment, with arms extended. To perform use a standard Squat technique lowering your thighs until they are parallel with floor. While standing up draw the E-Z curl bar into your rib cage and then back to the starting point.

3. Dumbbell Pushup:
Stand with dumbbells at your sides, arms fully extended. Bend until the weights hit the floor and push your legs out, in a push up position. Do a standard push up and return to the starting position.

4. Dumbbell Sit-Up:
Lie in a standard dumbbell bench press position, flat on your back facing upward. While keeping your arms fully extended do sit-ups, keeping your arms extended at all times.

5. Core Leg Twist:
Start by grasping a chin-up bar with an overhand grip. With your body in a complete extend state, twist your torso to the right and bring your knees to your chest. Do the same for the left side.

Now you know how to tone your body for the beach and show off your new hard body look. The beach is calling your name, so learn how to tone your body and enjoy the summer fun.

Lizzie asks…

How to lose weight the healthy way?

I used to think having a baby was an excuse for carrying extra weight. However, my “baby” is turning 2 next month! There are no more excuses. I have a gym membership and i love walking on the treadmill and using the machines. But i still am not eating right. I want to lose weight in a healthy way and believe I am starting on the right track.
What are some tips that you have?
Have you lost weight?

Thanks in advance! I’m on my way to being a fun mommy and getting my life back!

Maricela answers:

The seventeen day diet is if not the healthiest diet out there.The 17 day diet is a weight loss plan available in a book written by Dr. Mike Moreno. Originally created for his overweight patients, depends on a weight loss style called metabolic confusion. Metabolic confusion means you keep changing up what you do so your body doesn’t get used to a routine. This diet is made up of four cycles, the first cycle is to jump start the diet to help rapid weight loss, cleansing, and to burn fat. After seventeen days the next cycle begins, it is supposed to reset your metabolism. The in the third cycle you are now supposed to develop healthy eating habits. The fourth and final cycle is more of a maintenance phase and you use all that you learned through the last three phases and then you have the freedom to eat whatever you want on the weekend.
Foods allowed are lean proteins, healthy fats, and healthy carbohydrates. Foods that are not permitted on this diet are all processed and fried foods. Exercise is suggested to start with only 17 minutes a day though if you can you are physically able. During the first cycle you are expected to lose 10-20 pounds, in the second cycle you would lose 5-10, the third 2.5-5 pounds, and then by the end of the fourth cycle you should be at your ideal weight. Pros of the 17 day diet are that it was created by a doctor specialized in weight loss, promotes healthy eating and exercise, allows you to lose weight at a steady safe rate, vegetarian and diabetes friendly, and it is flexible and sustainable. Cons: some food suggestions are confusing to some followers, there is no online community support or access to experts, and weight loss standard goes beyond most other industry standards of 1-2 pounds per week.
The seventeen day diet uses calorie restrictions and helps people lose weight by constant shifting. The first cycle/stage was designed to eliminate weight as quickly as possible. On ordinary diets your metabolism slows after 17 days but the metabolic confusion avoids that. In the third cycle more foods are introduced and you develop healthy habits during this cycle, also you should increase your exercise time. The fourth cycle is your goal, and should stay on it for the rest of your life, however it is much simpler, on Monday-Friday you eat on the first to third cycles and are permitted to eat whatever you would like on the weekend. This diet has been proven to work and has changed the lives of many.

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