Your Questions About Losing Weight After Baby

by Maricela on March 8, 2013

James asks…

Losing weight during the last part of pregnancy?

I am 34w5d pregnant. I am actually losing weight, but I don’t understand how that is possible. My eating hasn’t changed, nor my physical activity. I feel like I am getting bigger and my doctor has even said that the baby is growing just like he’s supposed to be. But I’ve lost almost 2 pounds in the last 5 days. Same scale even. What gives?

Maricela answers:

Your metabolism might be getting faster so even tho your eating the same your body is burning more and causing you to lose body fat.

Paul asks…

Is there a healthy way to lose weight while you are pregnet?

I am a over weight prgnet lady and i really need to lose weight before i have the baby in Dec. is there a good way to do it.

Maricela answers:

Yes there is but have your doc put you on a diet according to your body your doc knows you best and what is best for you. And by you being pregnant you can’t just follow any diet.


Helen asks…

did anyone start losing their baby weight all of the sudden? l mean a month later?

without doing anything.. my sis in law didnt lose much weight after the baby then a month later just started losing a bunch of weight.. has this happened for anyone?

Maricela answers:

That usually happens when breastfeeding… That happened to me… It felt like, “Man! I lost that all of a sudden!”… But it also depends on how “much” weight is lost in teh time frame…It is always safe though to check with your doc. She should make sure there isn’t anything going on with her thyroid or digestive system… Just to be on the safe side..

Lizzie asks…

How to lose weight while breast feeding?

I have less than a month to try to lose weight before my hubby comes home from deployment! I have a 3 year old and just had a baby 5 months ago. I breast feed her so i do not want my milk supply to drop.
I know i sound lazy but i find it extremely hard to find the time and energy to workout. I dont want to have to stop every 2 minutes to tend to one of my children.
Any tips?

Maricela answers:

You can safely cut to 1,800 Calories/Day if you baby is over 2 months old, but cutting more than 25% of your daily caloric intake can interrupt milk production. Also be aware that mothers who breastfeed are more likely to lose baby weight faster than those who don’t- so keep up the breastfeeding! I recommend standing as much as you can and taking long walks during the day if your lifestyle permits it.

Here’s an article that can help you too:

EDIT: Make sure you cut your calories gradually as a sudden cut in calories could stop milk production too.

Lisa asks…

How to lose weight and rebuild muscle after a c-section?

I had a baby 9 weeks ago and i’m working on losing weight. I was a fit person before i got pregnant and worked out regularly. I’ve already started walking and i’ve lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks. I’m just wondering if anyone else out there has had a c-section and what are the best work outs to rebuild abs and lose weight? I’m trying to be realistic and i realize that it’s going to take atleast a couple months.

BTW, I’m breast feeding.

Maricela answers:

Sounds like what you are doing is working. My abs were never the same after my c section. They are flat as a board when I stand but rolly and flabby looking when I sit and I do 120 crunches a day still and breastfed til he was 3 and my son is now 5 years old. I look at my abs when I work them and they look so crooked and messed up and parts of them wont even flex anymore. But I didn’t get the xtra skin some women get and they do look great standing up. Lol I get a 2 pack if I work out too much, but the full six has never come back.

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