Your Questions About Losing Weight After 50

by Maricela on May 11, 2013

Jenny asks…

How much exercise should I do a day to lose weight?

Hiya, im trying to lose weight for prom/summer and im doing 50 – 85 squats a day, leg raises and walking to and from school, is this enough to lose about half a stone in 3 months?
I also have a healthy diet but should I increase this exercise or is it enough to lose weight in this time?

Maricela answers:

It’s good to do 1-2 hours a day and burn at least 500 calories but make sure you have a days rest.

Lisa asks…

What is the worst thing that could happen if you lose weight too fast?

I don’t know if some of these testimonials are true but like a lot of people on the South Beach Diet claim they lost 40-50 pounds in 4months. I heard the right way should be 9months to a year to lose that much. Also if you lose weight too fast will that make you have saggy skin and thin or make you bald because of the lack of nutrients that was lost in result make your hair fall off? Thanks!!!

Maricela answers:

When a person tries to lose weight too fast the only way to achieve that would be unhealthy. Hence, it is called losing weight “too” fast, rather than “at a good rate”.

Usually, what many people will start doing is limiting their calories in heavy amounts. When you consume anywhere below 1,200 calories or a huge deficit under your daily maintenance requirements and eat normally again you will gain the weight back.

Your body will be in what is called “starvation mode”, meaning, it will slow down your metabolism to preserve fat storages, thinking there is lack of food. This is a technique your body uses to sustain life.

Once you go back to eating normally your slowed down metabolism will cause you to gain back weight rapidly. If you didn’t switch back there would be major health consequences. This would also have many side effects: becoming to thin, losing hair, etc.

David asks…

Why did the rapper 50cents eyes look completely different when he lost weight?

Why did the rapper 50 cents eye-lids look completely different when he lost weight?
Its a strange one! Its like his whole face changed and he looked like a different person entirely.
How does this happen?

Maricela answers:

He lost so much weight that his eyes were sunken in. It happens to many people when they are underweight. When you lose so much weight on your face, your cheekbones protrude as well.

Daniel asks…

Is this a good high protein low calorie breakfast?

I weight 240 pounds I’m 19 and 5’10. I’m currently losing weight ( lost 50 pounds in 6 months ) but now I’m feeling weak and I think I’m 90% sure it’s because I don’t eat enough proteins a day. So I’m trying make a high protein low calorie breakfast ( since I’m still fairly overweight )

I’m planning on eating two hard boiled eggs in a whole wheat bread sand which (1 slice for each ) 4 times a week and two turkey sandwiches ( just turkey with whole wheat bread ) 3 times a week. Is that good or is it unhealthy ?

Maricela answers:

You lost 50 pounds? Well done! You have my utmost respect brother.

I think that meal is fine. It may not be low calorie, since whole wheat bread has lots of calories, but the protein you are using are rich sources, and they will definately slow down digestion. Instead of hardboiled eggs, try taking 2 whole eggs and about 3-4 egg whites (if you are ok with throwing away the yolk).

As for you being weak, you did not say clearly in what way you are weak. If its you being tired than i suggest taking some more carbohydrates and a multi vitamin. Yes i know you are losing weight, but you NEED carbs! Being tired is not a good sign. You can take these carbs in the form of vegetables, and not worry about gaining too much weight.

Good luck on losing your weight 🙂

Richard asks…

How to lose weight fast for a teenage girl?

I have been trying to lose weigh, but I dont know how. I am 15 years old, i am 5’2 and weigh 173 pounds. I am trying to lose about 50 pounds before summer starts. What are some good weighs to lose weight, and what are some healthy things to eat?
Also i have strech marks, how can i get rid of them?

Maricela answers:

Accept yourself as you are. Don’t try to find quick ways to lose weight, it is not healthy. When you will love your body even if it is not “perfect” you will be happy, free, and you will start loosing pounds too!

Take care!

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