Your Questions About Losing Weight After 50

by Maricela on April 15, 2013

Donald asks…

What can i do in order to lose weight in the next two months?

I am trying to lose weight and i at least want to lose about 40-50 pounds over the summer. Im not fat or anything i just want to tone my body up and lose weight. What kind of exercises and foods can i eat in order to lose that much weight within 2 and a half months? Help please and no ignorant comments

Maricela answers:

As a trainer I can help. I need to ask a couple questions before any in depth answers, but I will try to post some helpful ideas as well What is your weight and height? I am asking this because I want to get an idea of where you stand in terms of recommended body mass index.
Second, what is your current activity level? If it is low, the easiest way to lose weight would be to do some light strength training, as it can help burn fat without adding muscle bulk (high reps, low intensity) as well as at least 20 min. Of cardio. You want to maintain 80% max heart rate for 20 min to help with this part. To calculate max HR, subtract your age from 220.
For your nutrition, you want to try to eat a balanced diet. Eliminate as much fried food and trans fats as possible. Replace as much bread goods as possible with whole grain varieties. The key to losing weight is using slightly more calories in your workout than you will be bringing in. You want to be careful though, as too much will lead to malnutrition.
As far as your goal itself, 40-50 pounds in 10 weeks is a little extreme, as the recommended rate for weight loss is 2 pounds per week in order to prevent problems associated with rapid weight loss. The recommendations and your time frame would put your weight loss at 20 pounds over the ten weeks. This is another reason I asked for height, weight and activity level. Someone with a high BMI and low activity level will be able to lose weight quicker and easier than someone with an average BMI and average activity level.
Good luck with your goal

Lisa asks…

What is the best and fastest way to lose weight and get ripped at the same time?

I need to lose weight and fast. I would also like to get a 6 pack while doing so. I do go to the gym. So what is the best and fastest way to lose weight and get a 6 pack at the gym?

Also please be sure to include how long each plan will take. I am looking to lose 50 pounds. I know it seems like a lot but i need to.

Maricela answers:

Joel Fuhrman is a former world class figure skater and was a member of the United States International and World Figure Skating Team. In 1973, he won Second Place in the United States National Pairs Championships. In the World Professional Pairs Skating Championships in Jaca, Spain in 1976, he placed third. His dedication to sports medicine, health and fitness, and preventive care and medicine speak to these lifelong interests.

There is no telling how long it will take to lose 50 pounds. It depends on how much you weigh no and your individual metabolism. Are you more interested in losing the weight or in getting fit? An effective way to lose weight is to fast but to get ripped whle fasting, I don’t know about that.

Still if you follow the principles in Dr. Fuhrman’s books you could lose 50 pounds in a year or less; maybe even in as little as 3 months? His books emphasize the importance of a nutrient dense diet.

Here is a person who lost 120 pounds in 7 months following Dr. Fuhrman’s advice

Ken asks…

What is a healthy amount of cycling in a week’s span to lose weight that will not cause future health problems?

Joel Sherman wrote an article about NY Yankees catcher Jorge Posada cycling this past winter 50 miles to lose weight. He does not say what Posada use to weigh, nor how he accomplished 50 miles, whether in a week’s span or month. But I would like to lose weight and enjoy cycling but fear any future deterioration to my body

Maricela answers:

Cut your daily cal intake to 2000 and cycle 4 days/week for an hour/day. You’ll lose weight.

Steven asks…

What is the fastest way to lose 50 pounds in 4 months?

I really need to lose weight quick. I need to know the quickest way to lose 50 pounds in 4 months.

Maricela answers:

I lost 35 pounds in one month and am happy to give you info. However, not much time to write now or ever since I keep a busy schedule. But you may email me if you like with your question and I’ll send info to you at: lost35pounds at yahoo dot com. There are several vital steps to take to make it happen but they are simple! I”m new here so hope I can share my email? Or does it show automatically? Let me know! Thanks!

Susan asks…

How can I get my husband to lose weight?

My husband is just a bit overweight and needs to lose 50 lbs. We just had a beautiful baby girl, and I want him to get healthy. The doctor told him he has to lose weight. I have tried to help him, and he tells me all the time that he has to lose weight and wants to, but he doesn’t follow thru. The problem is also that I am nursing, and I can’t really go on a strict diet. Is there anything with our diet that I can do to help him lose the weight?
He skips meals all the time as well-forgets to take his lunch, and the like.
For some reason he just never follows thru. If I talk to him about it, he just gets insecure like if I’m telling him he’s a fat slob (which he isn’t).
He also doesn’t have much time to exersize, since he comes home from work, helps me with the baby, and works on his music.
Please no rude people.

Maricela answers:

First I will say YOU CAN’T make him loose the weight. You CAN help him.

First make sure he doesn’t skip meals. Fix him breakfast before he goes to work … It doesn’t take much time and you will both be able to enjoy some quality time in the morning. Second, make his lunch and HAND it to him as he leaves for work. Also, a morning snack and an afternoon snack … HEALTHY SNACKS … Will help.

Have your supper early … Say by 6:00 or 6:30 as often as possible. If he gets hungry after supper, fix a healthy snack … Air popped pop corn without salt or butter .. Hand veggies like celery with a LITTLE cheese or peanut butter, carrot sticks …
Doctors and dieticians suggest five SMALL meals over two or three big meals … As it keeps your metabolism working which helps burn calories.

He doesn’t have to do rigid exercise … Taking the baby out with you for a walk (around the block …) is a good exercise for both of you … Cardiovascular wise and metabolism wise as well as swimming if that is a possibility. You can go with him even if you can’t go swimming because of the baby.

You don’t need to go on a strict diet … Neither of you … To help him with the weight loss. Fix more vegetables and fruits and less starches like pasta, rice, potatoes … But DON’T cut those out of your diet completely. Whole grain breads and pasta are good for you … Cut down on the salt will help too as salt (sodium) will allow your body to retain fluid … And even though you may not think that is part of the problem, it may be.

Unfortunately, all you can continue to do is enourage and not nag. Once the baby starts getting really active .. Crawling and walking … He won’t have the opportunity to say “I’m to tired” or “I have other things to do…” the baby will control his life.

He may see that he needs to loose the weight if you and his doctor stop telling him he has to. Encourage him even if he only looses 1 or 2 pounds a week … Which he may do once he starts eating regularly and not skipping meals … His metabolism shuts down when there is no food to feed his muscles …

Another thing, you may have his doctor check his thyroid, blood sugar, etc. These will also cause you to gain weight and feel sluggish. He may need a thyroid medication which will also help his metabolism.

I wish you and your family good luck. For his sake, I hope he does start that weigh loss … But it is going to be a hard battle if he doesn’t want to. I know I said it before, but encourage and praise him … Even if it is just a matter of him remembering to eat regularly and healthy. He will feel better if he does.

Again, good luck. ;>)

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