Your Questions About Losing Weight After 50

by Maricela on February 22, 2013

Charles asks…

Would switching from elliptical to treadmill break a plateau?

Maxed myself out on the elliptical, stopped losing weight after 50 lbs. I just switched to a treadmill this week and notice it’s MUCH harder for me, although I don’t think it’s as intense as my workout on the elliptical, if that makes any sense. Would the mere fact that I switched cardio machines help me break out of this plateau and cause me to lose more weight?

Maricela answers:

Possibly. If its FEELS harder then it is probably working your body harder or in a different way.

George asks…

How do I keep my nice butt whole losing weight?

I’m trying to lose 50 lbs, but I just wanted to know if while losing weight if I’ll lose my butt too? How can I keep it? I have a pair shape, and I’m mixed.

Maricela answers:

The best way to lose wight is use this plan

James asks…

How can a 12 year old male lose weight fast and safe?

Im 12 almost 13 next month, and i need to lose weight by august about 50 lbs. I weigh about 220 lbs. (i’m 5’8 so it doesn’t look that bad) and I need to lose weight quick i am dieting and my parents never want to take me to Bally’s {the gym i go to] so is there anything else i can do??

Maricela answers:

You really don’t need to go to a gym unless you want to start building muscle. Get out and walk. Walk two miles a day, do sit ups in your room and push ups. You can do many things in your house to help lose weight, eat right, sit ups, push ups, buy a set of weights and start lifting. The best way for someone your age to lose weight is to start walking and eventually jogging. Do not over do it. Do what you can at first, and you will eventually start doing more. If you can only walk for 20 minutes the first day, that is fine. Walk for 20 minutes until you feel you are able to walk more… Don’t start running until you are able to… Start walking, increase your pace gradually until you reach the point of jogging… You are also young. By the time you reach puberty, you are going to lose weight anyway because you will grow more and lose the baby weight.

Susan asks…

How can I lose weight without doing an exteremly thight diet?

I am 55kg but i want to lose weight at least i want to be 50. Please help, thanks.

Maricela answers:

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day should do the job pretty quick

Sandy asks…

How slow would one have to lose weight in order to avoid massive amounts of loose skin?

My friend wants to lose weight but is afraid of having massive amounts of extra skin. He’s got like 50-75 lbs to lose for his first goal. How slowly would he have to lose weight to avoid the loose skin or are there any tips on how to firm the skin up?

Maricela answers:

The problem with loose skin is when there are hundreds of pounds to loose. At the rate he will be losing it there shouldn’t be loose skin, its naturally stretchy. There may be stretch marks though. Once fat is replaced with muscle it will take up some room.

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