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by Maricela on April 6, 2013

Nancy asks…

how much of daily fat intake is needed for weight loss?

I’m running and walking on the treadmill daily for weight loss.

I’m trying to determine how much of chicken breast is good for me. so, one of them seems to have about 4.5g fat.

how much is the healthiest fat intake?

Maricela answers:

The main thing you should worry about is calories. There are lots of diet websites that show you how many calories you should be eating a day to lose the weight. Try

Ruth asks…

What is the best body cleanse geared toward weight loss?

I am not overweight at this time but more or less, a little unhappy with the weight I have around my stomach, hips and thighs. I am going to the beach in two weeks and would like to do a cleanse to help jump start some weight loss. I have started running/walking 2 miles everyday about a week ago. I have read about a lot of different 48 hours cleanses but I need to get a better idea of what will actually work.


Maricela answers:

Hi Brook p

If you are looking to lose weight, burn fat, and rid your body and your colon of harmful toxins, you may be interested in trying a colon cleanse diet. The point of this diet is to eat foods high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, in order to free your body of the toxins that enter our body during the course of the day through things like processed food, alcohol, and pollutants in the air. It is also meant to free your colon of nasty build up which contains a high concentration of toxins as well.

When done correctly, these diets can be very helpful to your overall health. They contain foods high in nutrients, which will make you feel more energetic and alert naturally. Your overall body and mind will feel more healthy and your stress levels will go down as well.

On top of the above benefits, these diets can help prevent sicknesses like cancer and other health problems. They will decrease your risk of heart attack, liver disease, and many other illnesses. You can help restore cells in your body and prevent any other damage from occurring.

If you are faced with a substance abuse problem, alcohol problem, or smoking addiction, a cleansing diet may be what you need to free your body of the harmful build up of toxins in your body that keep your dependence on them going. With an alcohol problem, for example, over time the alcohol builds up in your body and your tolerance for it goes up. This means that after a while, you are forced to drink more and more to get intoxicated, which in turn causes you to put more toxins into your body, and over time the problem gets worse and worse. If you think of alcohol just as you think of any other toxin or free radical in your body, you will see how a colon cleansing diet can help you with your problem.

So, now that you know the basics of the cleansing diet, you know that it helps you not only to free yourself of toxins and other free radicals that are roaming around in your body, but that it can help you lose weight, burn fat, and restore cells in your body as well.

David asks…

Will running/speed walking for an hour every night give me good results for weight loss?

I usually run a mile, but I usually get done in like 15 minutes or less. So will running with a mix of speed walking for an hour every night help with weight loss, or should I do more?

Maricela answers:

Sprint around Texas and then back home. You’ll get an okay workout. But if you…
JK it’s okay if you walk and run but if you run steady for 2 or 3 miles nightly… You’ll lose weight quick.

Daniel asks…

Can someone give me some weight loss tips?

I do gymnastics and dance. I am a female, 13 yrs, 5’4 and about 130 lbs. I feel gross. I at least want to be 100. I am planning on running in the morning along with an excersize video, at school we run for 5 minutes every day, in the evenings I will take my dogs for a walk, and doing gymnastics/dance stuff downstairs. Can anybody give me any weight loss tips.

Maricela answers:

Drink more and more water and don’t eat oily and junk food . Walking, gymnastic and dancing are good way to reduce weight. You will achieve your desired weight in some days.. Keep going..

Donna asks…

Best way to prepare for a half marathon?

I want to prepare for a half marathon, how do I start preparing? Right now I run about 3 miles a day and try to do 3 miles on the elliptical. I’m also trying to shed a few pounds in the process so any advice on what type of foods to eat that are good for weight loss and an overall healthy diet?

Maricela answers:

Building mental stamina is essential. It’s one thing to be motivated to begin training. It’s another to stay motivated every day. Staying motivated and developing the proper mindset is key to enjoying training and crossing the finish line with a smile on your face.
Finish time goals, weight loss goals, “just finish” goals…we all have a reason(s) for wanting to run a half marathon. If your only goal is to lose weight, good luck. You’re likely to quit. You are likely to quit just like so many people who join health clubs each year for the same reason only to stop going after seeing little results in little time. You must have the right goals and reasons for running in order to be successful.
Carbohydrates provide the fuel runners need. During half marathon training, 65% of your total calories should come from carbohydrates, particularly complex carbohydrates. 10% should come from protein (you need 0.5 to .07 grams per pound of your body weight each day). 20-25% of your total calories should come from unsaturated fats. Be sure to get the nutrition you need to keep you strong and allow for adequate recovery.
Obviously, it is important to run for half marathon training, but recovery is equally important. You should not run every day. Your body needs to rest between runs so it can recover from one run to the next, getting stronger between each run. Nutrition and eating the right foods at the right time also play a vital role in recovery. Take recovery days equally as serious as your running days.


On runs of an hour or more, carry fluids with you and consume 6-8 oz. Every 20 minutes. During pre-training and marathon training, weigh yourself before and after each run and get your body weight back to the weight it was before the run by drinking water or sports drink within the first hours after the run.

RoadID Avoiding Injury:

Use your non-running days to rest and recover. Ice down any soreness, particularly in knees or shins (most common) four times per day for 15-20 minutes. Injuries often sneak up without warning. Doing all the right things right will minimize your chances of injury.


Before you begin half marathon training, you should be able to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping. Distance is not important right now. You just need to get your body used to running.

Combinations of run/walks are great to use during pre-training because they ease your body into the exercise and minimizes the chance of experiencing a running injury.

It’s also a good idea at this point to go ahead and select a half marathon and get signed up!


Your mileage should gradually increase each week. As a general rule, total weekly mileage should not increase by more than 10% from week-to-week. Completing a run of 10-12 miles about three weeks before the race will be enough to prepare you for the finish. You should then taper off in the final weeks leading up to the half marathon to allow your body to recover from training and so you will be strong on the big day.

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