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by Maricela on February 21, 2013

Mary asks…

Can I lose weight by running for 25 mins every other day and eating healthy?

This is my current weight loss plan, is it good enough? Should I run more/farther?

Maricela answers:

Depending on your body it probably should, unless you have little muscle, in this case you may loose fat but gain muscle, and muscle weighs more then fat.

I’d suggest jogging, or walking at a high incline, running is hard on your joints and not something you can realistically keep up forever (unless your a fanatic runner). Try to shoot for 5 days a week but every other day is reasonable.

Paul asks…

Is swimming in a pool or playing basketball a better workout?

swimming in the pool for 1.5 hours, or shooting around the basketball for 1.5? which is better for weight loss?

Maricela answers:

It really depends upon how much you push yourself. 1.5 hours is a long time so you should burn quite a few calories if you are getting a good workout and increasing your heart rate. Getting your heart rate in the right zone is key to a good workout and losing weight.

Couple thoughts on the two activities you’ve outlined.

1. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise and is a really good workout. The only downside of swimming is that it is a non weight-bearing activity so it doesn’t work your major muscle groups (i.e. Legs) as much as walking, running or other weight bearing activities.

2. Basketball is great too, but the way that you describe it is that you would just be shooting around casually. If that is the case then you wouldn’t get as much of a workout. If you were playing in a fast-paced game where you were sprinting, constantly moving and getting a good sweat then this would be a really good workout and I would say better than swimming.

Ruth asks…

How can I become the best cheerleader like ever?

Okay so I’m in eighth grade and at the end of the year is when the high school chearleading try outs are. & I really wanna make it. I need to know a good weight loss diet, and also how to be the best cheerleader there. Can someone please help me?

Maricela answers:

Im n high school u have to have good grades they prefer u have tumbling skills but u don’t have to if u do u get extra pts.from the judges smile alot … We had 3 days to learn the chant, cheer, dance (which they tought us), but ur school might have u come up with them 4th day was the tryout we were put in groups in four , we also practiced stunting but we ended up not doing it at tryouts tried out for freshmen squad but didn’t make it im a soph. Now i plan to try out for varsity in april.. Im going to be working hard by the way & sometime during my jr. Yr get tumbling lessons to get those skills dwn
did u go to the info. Mtg. Yet?

Jumps: toe touch, front hurdler, herkie, tuck, pike (they want them high)
make sure u have precision,nice tight motions not sloppy or broken wrists

req.: ask any present cheerleaders or the coach if u need tumbling if u do end up needing it take a class cuz u can’t perfect them by urself u can get hurt

work out plans : stretch, lift 5 lb. Weights? Cuz u need strength for ur motions, jumps, and when stunting, running/walking
stretches:sit with legs in a V position, as far apart as you can and lean and stretch at the same time on both sides (lean over left leg, then lean over right leg) also, try reaching your hands out in front of you as far as you can while doing these exercises., butterfly as well.If you do this on a regular basis, you will continue to become more flexible.

Meal plan: fruits, veg, sweets every now and then try to stay fit

how to:if u need any tips here are just a few sites i recommend




oh yea don’t forget to stretch & be loud use ur diaphragm to try to remember the chant cheer or dance use counts of 8- 5 6 7 8
good luck with everything!!!

Charles asks…

I want to start running for weight loss.?

I want to start running for weight loss. What is the best way to work up to a full running routine?

Maricela answers:

I run for weight loss also.

I started in ~Sept 06. Without any schema/plan, I walked/ran in treadmills and around the neighborhood. I did it all most everyday for 30 min or more. However, it did not work very well. I still have to watch out my diet. A weekend family gathering dinner would put me back all the load. It was discouraging. The process of weight loss was suffering and stressful. I could not figure out what the problem is. I thought I have worked very hard already.

Then in Feb 07, I joined a marathon training program. I have no intention for any races. My ultimate goal is still weight loss. I thought a well programmed training may help me to run effectively in weight loss and also could shift my focus on the form of exercise. It may help me to enjoy the process of weight loss. It works!

I did not lose a lot of lbs. So far, I have lost only about 3 lbs. But, I do lose inches. My legs are more defined. I did gain some lbs in the beginning. Later on, the lbs start leaving me. My % of fat has been decreasing. The weekend family gathering dinners do not load me up anymore. I could even enjoy more normal lunches with friends during the week.

And, I did the San Diego Marathon on June 3. It was such a great experience that could not describe in words. Now, my focus is not in weight loss anymore. I am going to do another marathon.

Now, not only I can enjoy the process of losing weight thru running, but also I have acquired a lifetime enjoyable hobby to myself. I can eat normal. Running makes me happy.

Check out the web sites below. You can find a lot of materials that may help.

Good luck and hope you find happiness in running

Laura asks…

Is buttered popcorn that bad for you in a weight loss diet?

Orville Redenbacher’s Regular Butter Popcorn to be exact. I’m currently on a weight loss diet and am being very careful with what I eat and how much I eat. I understand anything is fine in moderation but I just want to clarify how much of it is enough? To add on, I also work out every day, running the track, walking around the neighborhood, and a daily exercise routine. Along with the odd flag football game.

Maricela answers:

Read the nutritient facts on the package. Homemade popcorn with real butter instead of the fake stuff in packaged food would be better. You could control the salt and butter portions. Overall popcorn isn’t that bad a snack, it is mostly air, it only takes a small handful of kernels to fill a huge bowl. If you don’t go crazy on the toppings it is good.

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