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by Maricela on April 28, 2013

Paul asks…

What exercises focus on weight loss from the stomach area?

I’m 17 and weighing 124 ibs. I guess that’s probably not terribly bad, but I’m tired of getting picked on from the girls at school. I want to focus on my stomach and I want to lose the weight as quickly as possible. What can I do?

Maricela answers:

Excessive stomach fat is dangerous as it can lead to type-2 diabetes and blood pressure. Losing fat from your abdomen is not a big issue if you have the right information and proper dedication. A blend of aerobic exercise can prove effective in combating the fat around the stomach area. First of all you have to workout on your diet.

Diet For Burning Fats Quickly

· Metabolism booster
· Appetite suppressant
· Colon cleanse diets

You should opt for each type of diet separately but there are certain multifaceted foods. Acai is one of them. It is tagged as a super food by Oprah Winfrey. It enhances metabolism that is essential for burning fat. Acai is a rich source of fiber that works as an appetite suppressant preventing you from eating more. It also cleanses the colon and removes few inches from your waistline.

You need workout to burn the fat around the stomach area. Morning is the best time for exercise, as the energy will be released from deposited fat, not from the food that you have consumed throughout the day. Before doing any exercise warm up is essential. Otherwise they can injure your muscle. Before workout and post workout you need to opt for stretching exercises.

Spot reduction of fat does not work. So it is better to start the aerobic session after warm up to lose belly fat. Brisk walking, running, sprinting, swimming are effective cardio exercises which effectively lose weight from your stomach. After cardio exercise,you should do the following abs toning exercises:

· Sit-ups
· Crunches
· Crunches on exercise ball
· Bicycle crunch

Quick and Sustained weight loss is a combination of external and internal factors. The external factors of exercise and diet are of course helpful to lose weight. But you need to equally focus on internal factors of boosting your metabolism and keep yourself motivated to loose weight.

Daniel asks…

How can i maximize my weight loss?

I want to lose as much weight as i can that is still healthy before graduation. Graduation is in one month.

What kinds of foods and exercise should i do? I have a treadmill.


Maricela answers:

Screw diet plans.millions of people go on diet plans and most of the time they end up not working or when they get off the diet plan they gain the weight back. Just eat well and exercise.running and swimming burns off lots of calories and helps turns any flabby muscle into firm muscle.don’t eat any fried foods,fast foods,or sweets. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and not alot of meat.don’t not eat at least 2 hours before you go to bed.and again…exercise.running,swimming,sit ups,and even dancing if you like that can help you lose weight. Good luck and congrats on your graduation

Mary asks…

How do you loose the last five pounds when everything you do is right?

I have been eating very healthy and exercising five times a week. I have added weights, ran further, and having been doing circuit training twice a week. The scale will NOT budge! I understand that muscle weighs heavier than fat, but it’s unfair that all my work is not showing. What can I do to make weight loss work again??

Maricela answers:

That’s “lose” the last five pounds (loose is what you want your pants to be). It can be tough, I know it! What I’ve found to do is make a drastic, temporary change in your eating. Have an “oink out” day or weekend and shock your body…then back to low cal (but not under 1200) and exercise and you may be able to shed that last 5.

If that doesn’t work, simply change up your eating plan, flex your calories (a different amount every day) and change the exercises you are doing. Instead of running go bicycling or swimming…instead of the same weight routine, do a different strength training routine or do yoga instead. Make a change so your body will have to adjust…if it’s used to doing the same thing over and over (either every day or a pattern every week) the results will slow or stall.

Good luck!

Robert asks…

How to lose belly fat after having a baby?

I’m trying to flatten out my belly and not lose weight, I’m tired of doing sit ups and crunches and I don’t wanna take any of them ridiculous weight loss supplements. So please someone help me out.

Maricela answers:

Well first of all, you will never get rid of any of the fat cells in your body! Once they are there, there are there to stay. You can only shrink those fat cells. Doing sit-ups and crunches are good for the stomach muscles, but not really the fat. Although the more muscle mass you have the better your metabolism to burn off the fat. You need to do fat-burning exercises. Cardio! Walk, run, jog, swim, etc. And you also need to watch your diet!! Cut out the fat and sugar. Your body does need a little fat, but you will get that anyway. Stay away from those weight loss pills and fad diets, unless you are severely overweight and you are under a physicians care. The only sure way to ever keep the weight off is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle choice that you can keep throughout your life.

Lizzie asks…

How can I boost my metabolism without pills or weird diet drinks?

I’ve decided to take a 4 month long diet challenge to see how much weight I can lose my August4th (my brithday)
Is there any way I can boost my metabolism naturally (fruit veggies so on) without costly pills and gross diet shakes?
🙂 Any other tips on weight loss (again no pills or shakes) are totally welcome. 🙂
Btw im very young… 16 to be exact
I havent been living a very healthy lifestyle, and i want to change that now.

Maricela answers:

Dieters often complain that they can’t lose weight because they have
a “slow metabolism.” Unfortunately, many companies capitalize on this
misconception by marketing products that promise to give consumers a
so called “metabolic advantage” that helps melt away the pounds.
They are useless. There are things you can’t control about your
metabolism, and no product ever will. On the other hand, there are
simple natural techniques, which will allow you to do it.
What you can’t control about your metabolism:
Age: Metabolism slows about 5 percent for each decade after 40.
That’s because as we get older, we tend to lose muscle and gain body
fat. Lean muscle mass is more metabolically active than fat tissue. So
when you lose muscle mass, your metabolism slows down.
Gender: Men generally have faster metabolisms than women because
they’re larger and have less body fat. Men’s basal metabolic rate is
estimated to be 10 percent to 15 percent higher than women’s.
Hypothyroidism: An underactive thyroid will slow down your metabolism
and ultimately lead to weight gain. The good news is that a simple
blood test can determine whether you have this condition or not. If
you do, you can control it with the proper medication.
Genetics: Some people are lucky enough to be born with speedy
metabolisms — and others are not.
What you can control about your metabolism: Diet

Don’t eat fewer than 1,000 calories a day. Your body and metabolism
thrive on food. When you fast or crash diet, your metabolism will slow
down in order to conserve energy. Imagine your metabolism as a blazing
fire. If the fire burns consistently with the appropriate amount of
high-quality wood, it will burn at a steady rate. But if it doesn’t
have enough wood, the fire goes out. If it has too much wood, it can
get out control — just like your waistline!
Eat every four to five hours. Our bodies work hard to digest and
absorb the foods we eat, and your metabolism revs up in response.
This is called the thermic effect of food. Take full advantage of this
and schedule meals and snacks every four to five hours.
Make breakfast a priority. Studies show that people who regularly eat
a healthy breakfast within two hours of rising are more likely to
control their weight. This may be because you’re lifting your
metabolic rate after it’s been in a “resting phase” during the night.
Eat protein with every meal: All foods create a thermic effect and
will slightly boost your metabolism. However, eating protein gives
your body a bigger metabolic boost than eating carbohydrates or fats.
Plus, eating enough protein will ensure you’ll maintain and build
muscle mass. (Remember, the more muscle mass you have, the greater
your metabolic rate). Make sure to incorporate lean protein into most
every meal.
Best protein sources: fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, lean red
meat, skim milk, nonfat yogurt, eggs and egg substitutes, tofu, beans,
and lentils.

Meal Examples:

Breakfast: yogurt with fresh fruit
Lunch: turkey burger on whole-grain bun and a salad
Dinner: grilled chicken with vegetables and a baked potato

Do aerobic exercise four to five days a week. Aerobic activities,
such as running, brisk walking, swimming and bike riding, burn
calories and increase metabolism while you’re working out. Several
studies show that aerobic activities cause your metabolism to stay at
an elevated level for a period of time after you have finished
Work in strength-training exercise two to three days a week. Lifting
weights and other strengthening activities, such as doing push-ups or
crunches, on a regular basis will actually boost your resting
metabolism all day. That’s because these activities build muscle. And
once again, muscle burns more calories than body fat. In fact, if you
have more muscle, you burn more calories — even if you’re sitting
When it comes to supplements, I do not recommend them. The
ingredients that are effective tend to boost metabolism only slightly
and they can be risky. High doses of stimulants can make you jittery,
and increase heart rate and blood pressure.
The bottom line: The safest and most effective way to boost your
metabolism is to eat an appropriate amount of food every four to five
hours, incorporate a portion of lean protein into each meal, and
exercise regularly!

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