Your Questions About Better Weight Loss P90x Insanity

by Maricela on April 27, 2013

Ken asks…

if im doing p90x and i just want to lose weight instead of gain more muscle which schedule should i follow ?

classic p90x
or lean ?
im a guy, and im on my second day of insanity so i’ll just go with the lean ..
nvm , going with classicccc .
fck … im so confused lol .

Maricela answers:

Nah dont do lean, do classic, when you lift weights it raises metabolism, just do high reps 12-15 and low weight, i heard people trying to lose more weight burned more with classic, if you do 12-15 reps though you wont gain muscle just tone, if your a girl you wont build a lot of muscle anyways

EDIT: umm you wont gain that much weight, its all about losing body fat. And btw if your doing insanity then why are you still gonna do p90x lol insanity is better than both, i saw you go with classic though, go to google and type in classic vs lean p90x or something like that, also if you want a good diet idea, do the zig zag diet, thats what im on, ill give you a link its kinda confusing at first though but it will give you way better weight loss

Jenny asks…

What foods should I eat if i’m trying to get flat abs?

I’m going to start doing exercises & eating good foods. But what foods should I eat? & if I keep doing exercises (even after getting my flat abs) will they change, or will they still stay like flat abs?

Maricela answers:

Okay i had your mindset about a year ago when i was about 45 pounds overweight. I lost almost ALL my fat, and i now have a 4 pack:D!
So heres what i ate/did-

I did P90X, and Insanity, back to back, as my Cardio. Completed both programs!
-Eat ALOT of Vegetables. All types, there is NO such thing as “Too much” veggies. You can eat your brains out on these guys all day!!

-Eat alot of LEAN protein. Grilled Chicken, Turkey Breast[aka white meat for thanksgiving!] Fish[i like shrimp and scallops the most] WHEY PROTEIN SHAKES[the healthiest, most important and all natural type of protein out there.] The reason you should have alot of protein is because your body has to work extra hard to digest it, meaning your burning SO much more calories by digesting protein, and the best part? It doesnt store as fat!! SO essential and healthy for your overall body, protein!

-Refined Carbs- White bread, White Pasta, White flour, etc.
-Sugary Drinks/Snacks[Coca- Cola, Sodas, CANDY! Cookies, Ice cream, desserts, etc.]
-Fried Foods-Fried Chicken[so bad for you!] fried anything is no good, they douse the foods in UNHEALTHY oils, and sugar, and white flour, and its all in all a bad move for weight loss!

-Healthy Cabrs- ALL and i repeat, ALL Fruits AND Vegetables
-Lean Protein- we already went over this up there lol
-Healthy Fats- Omega 3’s are fatty acids you get from Fish, Extra virgin olive oil, etc. And what they do is actually HELP you lose those nasty un-healthy fats stored in your cells, and eating these are a MUST for abs!!

I just took like 20 minutes to type all of that, and i really hope you will listen to at least some of my info. Because this is my plan i used and i have a nice 4 pack right now, and im still going, so good luck to you!!!

John asks…

What is better for weight loss p90x or insanity ?

Maricela answers:


Charles asks…

I want to lose 30 pounds by mid November?

My birthday present to myself! (:
I am currently 5’5 and 150 pounds.
I’ve started eating clean and running for about 20 minutes each day along with 10 minutes of pilates after.
I try to drink at least 60 ounces of water each day.
If I keep this up will I reach my goal? If not, what other exercise routines should I do?
Thanks for your help!

Maricela answers:

That’s great that you want to do that for yourself! I think it will definitely be hard though, considering you aren’t too much overweight. You might want to start out with a goal like 20-25 pounds at first. But it is possible, it will just take a lot of dedication.

You’re off to a great start…just try to keep up the good work 🙂 Try adding a little more time or intensity to your runs. For example, add an extra 5 minutes, or do more uphill running to burn more calories and just get more healthy. Running is a great thing to do…I love it. I started running half marathons when I was 13. It’s great. Stick with the pilates too!!

As far as other exercises, do something you like. Outside of running, I enjoy dancing. Like, Just Dance 3 on the Wii game dancing. Some people think it’s funny, but its a WORKOUT!!! You really have to get into though, and do the dances full out to get the most out of it.

There’s exercise programs like p90x and Insanity, which, when done correctly, show great results. However, the are a bit outrageous and time consuming. So if that’s for you, great! If not, thats okay too.

Also continue with good eating. Even after a workout, and you think “Hey, i just ran 4 miles I can eat whatever I want” (well that’s what I think a lot anyways, lol) DON’T DO IT!! You end up eating all the calories back, and now your exercise is wasted 🙁 Instead, treat yourself to an apple or yogurt 🙂 But, it’s good to treat yourself OCCASIONALLY. If you haven’t had any sweets in 2 weeks, and you want a cookie, eat the cookie. It won’t make or break your diet. Just don’t cave too often…

If you keep up the healthy eating and exercise, you will lose weight. Whether it’s 30 pounds or not, well that depends how intense you are with your new lifestyle. If you don’t lose all of it by November, maybe it can be your Christmas present.

Also, another way to keep up your progress is to tell your friends and family about your goal. It will make you want to continue on to avoid disappointing them. They can support you along the way, too 🙂

Good luck on your weight loss 🙂

Steven asks…

I’m wondering if you should take proteins shakes after each workout when doing a two day workouts.?

I’m currently doing p90x(strength training) in the morning and insanity(cardio conditioning) in the afternoon. My main goal is weight loss but for recovery purposes would it be a good idea to still use my EAS protein drink after each workout?

Maricela answers:

That’s great that you are working so hard! I am an independent Beachbody coach, and I have seen so many people have great success with those programs. Have you ever thought of becoming a Beachbody coach? E-mail me if you want more information or check out the link below. Anyway, if your main goal is weight loss I would drink a protein shake after your more intense workout–which would obviously be insanity. If you move to wanting to gain more muscle, then you might want to drink protein after each workout.

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