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by Maricela on April 8, 2013

Laura asks…

Is there any good weight loss websites?

I want to loose 70 to 80 pounds by June. I am a 13 year old girl and weigh 180-190 pounds if you could say any weight loss web sites thanks

Maricela answers:

There are lots of good sites for help losing weight. You can track your eating and exercise at for free. You can get exercise tips and inspiration from is also good. Don’t be afraid to strength train because muscle will raise your metabolism and keep you from getting sagging skin. You can learn about healthy, clean eating at If you decide to use a program like P90x, Insanity, Turbo Jam, etc you can get support and chat with other users at

However, your time goal is too short. Give yourself double that to be realistic and more likely to keep it off. 1-2 pounds/week is considered a healthy rate for successful weight loss.

Sandy asks…

Is P90X primarily for fat loss or muscle gain?

I’m a guy, 6’0″, 150lbs, and looking to gain some muscle mass (10lbs or so).

I’ve considered trying P90X, but it seems like all the results involve fat people losing weight, and not skinnier people gaining weight.

Should I do P90X, or would another program be better suited to my needs? Also, how long would you think it would take for me to gain 10lbs of lean mass?

Maricela answers:

Your in luck because p90x mostly gains lean muscle, improves flexability-yoga, and strengthens core-abs. For me, insanity program has better results visually since it cuts you up and burns fat for the summer. But does burn a bit of muscle. But who cares it puts you in great cut shape. P 90 sounds better for you since you dont want to lose weight, and gain muscle. Go for it! I did ok the first month 3/4. I finished but half assed the last month, got bored,unmotivated after a while. Insanity is only 2 months (perfect for me). I would do p90 3 months then hit the gym w/ heavier weights.. Either way commit and keep changing it up. Good luck.

Charles asks…

I have both p90x and insanity wich one should i do to get rid of chest fat and little bit of stomach fat?

im 16yrs old and i weight 170 flat most of that is fat i really need help thankyou!

Maricela answers:

Start with P90X, especially if you are not in perfect shape. P90x uses muscle confusion, no plateau in weight loss and you lost fat and gain muscle all over your body. It’s a good way to shred everything. I suggest Doing the lean version (same DVD set, different sequence) if you got instructions with P90x read about lean VS classic. It doesn’t require buying anything extra. Insanity is really good because you don’t need to buy resistance bands, weights, mat etc because you use your body weight. But, for P90x you need a few things. P90x is the best way to go, I’m doing it right now, just started.

Susan asks…

P90x or Insanity for weight loss?

I currently weigh 170 and want to get down to 135-140. A special occasion will be held in early September and I want to be in the best shape as soon as possible. Which one is better for faster weight loss: P90x or Insanity? Also, I think both programs have different types of workouts suitable for different people. Which one is suitable for women?

Maricela answers:

Go for P90x ..

Richard asks…

Are sparkpeople workout videos good for boosting metabolism, buildilng muscle, and burning fat?

I just did an easy dumbbell exercise following this video:
Should I continue to do this workout every other day in order to boost my metabolism? Would it be a good to follow this video? Any other suggestions on what I should do? Thanks!

Maricela answers:

.If it was “easy” perhaps you should find something that works you harder, or use a heavier weight. If you aren’t the least bit sore tomorrow or the next day, I’d say it’s not working you hard enough.

I have never used sparkpeople videos but I do workout a lot. Right now I’m going through the “Insanity” program (from and it’s wiping me out. I’ve also used P90X and it’s a great program that uses weights. Chalean Extreme is another good program for muscle building and weight loss. The key to a faster metabolism is definitely more muscle…whatever program you choose to use, will be fine…just do it. ☺

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