Your Questions About Better Weight Loss P90x Insanity

by Maricela on January 22, 2013

Thomas asks…

What is a good home HIIT workout for maximum weight loss?

I am looking specifically for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) because I have heard it’s good for revving your metabolism. Any recommendations?

Maricela answers:

I’ve been experimenting with Insanity and P90x. It’s no walk in the park thats for sure…

Donna asks…

How many hours do I work out with out any equipment?

So I’m starting to work out, but with out any equipment, and I was wondering how many hours or days do I need to work out in order to be in good shape, currently I weigh around 151 and I hate it.
and can someone tell me any good home workouts without equipment that actually work? Please.

Maricela answers:

Keep in mind to focus more on body fat% than pure weight loss. You could lose 5-10 lbs and if you’re tone and fit, have a smokin hot body, or lose ~20 and not look so good.. Get your body fat % checked (doctor or any good gym) and set a goal of how much fat to lose in the next 4 months.

See below…exercises you can do at home:

Try this for exercise:
I would go in this order (as you get in better shape)…if you are already in decent shape then start in the middle (with Zuzana’s workouts)

– Jillian Michael’s (trainer from biggest loser) ‘the Shred’. This is a good starter cause it has levels 1-3 so you can start and progress as you get in better shape
– Power90
– Zuzana’s youtube site (not a DVD but has daily workouts…she has one of the most amazing female bodies i’ve ever seen and her workouts are great. Http://
– P90x
– Insanity…google it, get it. This is the most intense workout ever put on tape. It’s tough but you’re young…you can handle it (are you insane enough 🙂

Mary asks…

would the insanity workouts help me to get rid of fat in my torso?

I have some unwanted fat in the belly and upper body. I just wanted to know if insanity is a good workout for that before I purchase the program. Please let me know!

Maricela answers:

Exercise strengthens muscles, but has no direct effect on fat. Fat is stored fuel. You get rid of it by eating less than you need to power your day. Exercise helps the process by increasing your fuel requirements. Fat gets used up more or less evenly from all over. You don’t get to pick what fat gets used first.

The best exercises for weight loss purposes, in descending order of calories burned per hour:

1. Cross country ski
2. Run
3. Bike
4. Swim

The primary purpose of exercise programs like P90X is to make a profit for the person/organisation selling them.

Here’s a couple free workouts that will leave you more trashed than any workout dvd:

1. Run to 3 miles to the local pool, swim 5000 meters, run home

2. Bike 50 miles as hard as you can. Get off the bike, change shoes, run 10 miles as hard as you can.

You’re welcome.

James asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement for a teenager?

Im 16 and weigh about 222 a little chunky, not too fat. what diet should I go on? or whats the best supplement I can get at GMC?

Maricela answers:

Best weight loss ‘supplement’ for a teen is lean protein and lots of good interval training.

– P90x is good…i’m sure you’ve heard of it
– Take plenty of glutamine/amino acids to help with recovery…especially if you are working out multiple times/day (Xtend is a good brand)

For workouts: I would recommend you try one or more of the following:
– Zuzana’s youtube site (not a DVD but has daily workouts…she has one of the best female bodies i’ve ever seen and her workouts are great)
– P90x…one of the pioneers for home workouts based on ‘muscle confusion’ (your body never really gets used to what you’re doing and as a result you continue to get results)
– Insanity…google it, get it. This is the most intense workout ever put on tape

– eating/nutrition is just as important as working out:

– Eating and stomach (abs)
You can (and should) eat 5-6 semi-small nutritious meals…speeds up your metabolism and prevents you from being too hungry. Don’t load up with ‘tons’ of food and don’t cut your calories to bare mininum (1K) as this slows down your metabolism.
You can try eating various things: fresh fruit, chicken, brown rice, broccoli, beef jerky, protein shake, applesauce (no sugar added), veggies, lean ground turkey, turkey sausages, Low sugar protein bars. Oh, and substitute any junk food with Odwalla bars (the choco. Chip ones are fabulous and have 8 grams of protein). (2x/wk should be ok)
If you eat ~7 a.m. ~10 a.m. 1p.m. 4 p.m. 7p.m. (and 10 p.m. If you’re up late you should be great. Get your excercise/workout in b/w any of those meals (or directly prior)
You don’t need many weights or machines. You can get one of those ab balls online or at a Target/Wal-mart for like $10-$15. Do abs using the ball…always works your core. Also get some resistance bands and you can work your legs (outer thighs) as well. Go for a run or do some sprints to get in better shape. Pick up some sports/activities with your friends.
– Oblique exercises (twisting – works your ‘love handles’). Do a lot of these using the ab ball: sit on the ball hold a 10 lb weight and walk your feet forward. ‘Lay down’ and with the weigh above you twist to one side-up-pause-twist to the other side. Ensure you’re using your obliques to do the work.
– Start taking a thermogenic fat burner (will burn fat faster when your body temp rises – i.e. Working out), ripped fuel 5x, or hydroxycut hardcore before your workouts. Don’t exceed the daily recommended allowance and drink plenty of water. You don’t NEED these, they just help burn fat faster while providing energy. You could take a multi-vitamin instead (relatively cheap at Wal-mart)

Ken asks…

What workout videos are good?

I don’t want something as time consuming as p90x or insanity, but maybe half hour a day or 3-4 times a week intended for weight loss and muscle gain. Or a website that sells workout videos like this.

Maricela answers:

Stay away from the infomercial stuff and do a real fitness plan. Download the workout program from the Fat X 101 website. The 12 day program is awesome at getting you fit and toned fast. The workouts are intense, but they’r short and doable. The diet is really simple and easy to follow. Good luck!

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