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by Maricela on May 6, 2013

David asks…

Is drinking hot tea healthier than drinking coffee?

I’ve heard before that drinking hot tea is healthier than drinking coffee. Is this really true?


Maricela answers:

Tea has less caffeine, has better hydration qualities and has antioxidants. Green and red bush tea’s are even better for you.

Laura asks…

Is there something I can combine with Oxy Elite Pro for faster results?

I’ve been on this stuff before and I can barely loose weight on it….I have an extremely hard time loosing weight. Have you combined anything with it to help the weight loss go faster? (I don’t care about long term affects) and how did you use them together?

Maricela answers:

Your taking junk which could have adverse long term side effects in addition to just wasting your money. Supplements for weight loss, muscle building, and weight gain are almost always a scam.

Here’s what one government white paper has to say. “OxyELITE Pro has quickly become one of the fastest selling fat burners on the market. Customers looking for a quick fix or to piggy back on a diet and exercise program are drawn to this product with the hope it will aid in weight loss. This product could possibly be effective due to the amounts of caffeine and brahmi in it. Each capsule contains 100mg of caffeine with the recommended daily amount being 2-3 capsules. These capsules are to be consumed prior to eating breakfast and again six hours later. The effects the caffeine creates will promote energy and possible appetite loss due to the hyperactivity caffeine produces. Brahmi enhances cognitive function and supports the physiological processes involved in relaxation. Combined these ingredients give consumers energy and not necessarily weight loss. When taken appropriately neither product is proven to be unsafe. The bottom line is that a pill will not create weight loss.”

“The Food and Drug Administration does not monitor supplement claims for accuracy. The FDA has to prove that a supplement is not safe before it can be removed from shelves resulting in overwhelming amounts of unsafe and ineffective supplements. If using a supplement is a decision you are considering ensure you follow the appropriate dosage and timeline for that supplement, talk to your primary care provider prior to use, and beware of potential interactions between prescription drugs and multiple supplements. Reading the ingredient list and doing research will help guide your decision and determine if that supplement is the best choice.”

You’re spending a bunch of money on caffeine which is the most popular ingredient in supplements because it’s cheap and it’s almost impossible to sue if you have cardiac arrhythmia or other health problems because it is so ubiquitous and almost everyone gets caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, etc.

I don’t know why you would be looking for something to combine with junk. If you find something and it’s sold as a supplements it’s just going to be more junk. If you think about it, there is no easy way to lose fat because if there was the US wouldn’t be the most obese nation in the first world. That’s a no-brainer.

Just get off that crap and start eating right. You’re guaranteed to lose fat as long as you take in fewer calories than you burn. It’s that simple.

Good luck and good health!!

Sandra asks…

What are some tasty foods for weight loss in the summer?

What are some good ideas or recipes for delicious foods that can help you lose weight in the summer?

Maricela answers:

You don’t need to starve yourself, nor do you need to start a crazy diet to look good in your new swimsuit. Summer weight loss can be best achieved through consuming fewer calories than you burn, and by choosing healthier foods to eat. It’s easier to make better food choices in the summer – heavier food choices and meals full of calories are a turn off from the heat of the summer months. The best summer weight loss foods are those that you don’t need to slave away in the kitchen to prepare, and they are light and refreshing!

The easiest way to cut back on calories is to eat more vegetables and fruits, as recommended by experts. That’s one of the best weight loss tips! Because produce is at its best during the summertime, it’s great to enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables from your local markets and grocery stores. Produce is also full of good antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber too! Enjoy as much as you want as well – don’t limit your portions, as you can’t hurt yourself from enjoying such healthy foods!

If you’re looking to save some time making your meals, add prepared foods like soups and chicken to your fresh produce. It might end up costing you a little more, but you’ll really save time in the long run. Here are some examples of great foods to enjoy that can promote quick weight loss:

Grilled Veggies
You can use grilled onions, zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, asparagus, garlic, and eggplant to make tasty and healthy quick weight loss foods like:

•Grilled vegetable, ricotta, and fresh herb pasta and frittatas
•Grilled vegetable pitas
•Grilled vegetable and goat cheese salads

There’s no formal recipe needed when creating a delicious salad. They can also be made up fast for a quick and healthy meal. Rinse off and slice up your fresh produce. Add some fruits, vegetables, low-fat cheese, toasted nuts, fresh salad greens, and some light raspberry vinaigrette or ginger. You can complete your meal by adding a whole grain roll.
Also, try a good bean or whole-grain salad such as wheatberry or tabouli.
If you decide to flavor your salad with fresh herbs from the garden, you can save calories by adding less dressing. You can also add some meat or fish, as long as it’s done lightly.

Chilled Soups
Another great choice for a low-calorie meal is cold soup. Gazpacho and cucumber-dill soup are both great beginnings to delicious meals. You’ll be able to eat less and feel more full by beginning your meal with a nice tasty low-cal or broth-based soup.

Fruit-Based Desserts
Instead of choosing a traditional dessert rich in calories, satisfy your cravings and sweet tooth with a more natural dessert, such as:

•Grilled banana sundaes made with low-fat ice cream
•Frozen grapes
•A chocolate-covered frozen banana
•Grilled white peaches with blackberries and honey
•Grilled pineapple with rum and pecans
•Frozen, dark, sweet cherries


A crisp and juicy slice of watermelon is not just a great summer weight loss fruit, but it’s very refreshing as well! Also, because half of the watermelon is made from water, it can satisfy your thirst as well!

Low- and No-Calorie Beverages
Smoothies, sodas, sweetened teas, and sweetened specialty coffee drinks are all easy to drink when it’s hot outside, but they can have a surprisingly high calorie count. Keep an eye out for drinks like that since you’ll be drinking a lot during the summer to quench your thirst. Also remember that drinks can help you stay cooler from the heat, but they usually don’t have any affect on your appetite. You can still enjoy refreshing treats and drinks while you maintain your diet during the summer!

Charles asks…

I’m trying to lose weight, but dont have money for a gym. What are some easy ways to shed pounds?

I want to lose weight in my lower body. Legs, thighs, hips, etc. Someone told me to walk a lot, but what are some other techniques? Are there any diets that may help me? Not like the South Beach Diet or No Carb Diet. Something that is reasonable! My doctor says I need to keep my metabolism up by eating small meals every 3 hours, but most of the time I’m not hungry. So what can I do? Any who’s tried to diet or knows what I’m dealing with please give me some info.

Maricela answers:

Here are some “rules” of weight loss:

1.) starving yourself is NOT the answer. Why? Because not only will you lose all muscle tone and look like a blob of skin and bones…not only because it will make you sick and weak…but because your metabolism will bottom out and the minute you DO eat something it will cling to you like white on rice. People who starve themselves will either end up fatter than they are now or in the hospital or dead. Not a good option.

2.) eating 6 small (key word SMALL!) meals a day will raise your metabolism (meaning help you burn more fat)

3.) muscle mass increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat – this is why weight lifting is good for you!

4.) protein helps you build lean muscle – you should eat about 30% protein to help you build muscle.

5.) protein also make your feel “full”

6.) sugars are bad. Not only is white sugar as addictive as cocaine (yes, it is) but eating it will increase your insulin levels making you HUNGRIER!

7.) most carbs are bad. What kind of carbs are bad? Breads, chips, cake, etc. They will make you bloated…and will break down and store themselves as fat. Which carbs are good? Carbs found in veggies, like sweet potatoes!

8.) water is ESSENTIAL to losing weight. It flushes out all the salts and “bad things” which make you bloated and make you fat. Try to drink a gallon of water a day. Water also makes you feel full in between meals!

9.) if you forget everything else I told you…then remember this: stick with clean foods. Nothing processed! This means meats and veggies!

10.) Finally, the ONLY way to lose weight permanently is to diet and exercise. Fad diets will help you lose weight temporarily but you will definitely gain all the weight back (and usually more). Besides, why suffer through a horrendous fad diet of eating crap like cabbage for a week or nothing but liquids only to gain the weight back when you can be eating grilled chicken and veggies and exercising and PERMANENTLY lose the weight?!

Here is a good diet to follow if you want to lose weight:

You will eat 5 or 6 meals a day every couple hours. It is critical that you do NOT skip meals or push them off. These meals will NOT fill you to the gills. They will, however, take away the hunger. You will need to keep on hand some whey protein powder which you can get at any GNC (get Designer Protein brand) and some protein bars (get Clif Peanut Butter Builder Bar if you can). You can switch or duplicate any meals except breakfast (ie eat two salads instead of one salad and one protein bar). You cannot deviate otherwise (ie, no snacking or taste testing between meals). You will follow this meal plan 6 days a week and on the 7th day you can eat whatever you want (within reason and without binging). You can have as many spices as you want, but limit condiments. Absolutely no fried or breaded food. All meat/seafood is to be grilled or baked. Try to work up to drinking a gallon of water a day. Room temperature water is best as it doesn’t shock the system and is easier to drink. You can have as much green or white tea as you want (hot or cold)…but use Stevia as your sweetener. You can have diet cola, but try to limit to one a day if any. No coffee.

(8:30) Meal 1 – Omelet made with egg whites with veggies and 1 slice cheese, ¼ cup OJ w/seltzer water or one fresh orange, and 1 slice whole wheat bread w/ calorie free butter spray.
Meal 1 Option – One bowl oatmeal (1/2 cup dry), ¼ cup OJ w/seltzer water or one fresh orange
(10:30) Meal 2 – 1 scoop of protein powder mixed in 1 cup of rice milk, soy milk, or plain yoghurt.
(1:00) Meal 3 – 3 oz tuna, turkey, or chicken w/ 1 tbsp light miracle whip or vinegar with a big vegetable salad.
(3:30) Meal 4 – 3 oz of turkey breast (deli meat) and a small apple
Meal 4 Option – 1 protein bar
(6:00) Meal 5 – 3-4 oz of lean meat (steak, chicken, fish, pork loin, and turkey), 3oz sweet potato, and serving of vegetables.
(8:00) Meal 6 – If still hungry, protein shake mixed with 1 cup of rice or soy milk or plain yoghurt.

Here is a decent exercise plan to follow (you can do the cardio at home…for weight training, go to some yard sales and pick up some dumbbells and start there):

3 days of cardio per week (for 30 minutes each)
3 days of weight training per week (for 30-45 min each)

Just remember…you can do it!!! Anything worth having is worth working for!!!

Lisa asks…

What are the advantages to green tea?

I’ve heard green tea can be very healthy, but in what ways? And if it really is healthy what are the best types of green tea or the types to avoid?

Maricela answers:

Simply drinking green tea can’t save us from the damages caused by overeating, a poorly-balanced diet, or a sedentary lifestyle. Today’s research identifies a plant-based diet, a healthy weight, physical activity, and avoiding tobacco as the most effective steps to lower cancer risk. For those who would like to do more to reduce their risk, replacing three or four cups of coffee or soda per day with green tea is still a reasonable step that may bring a variety of health benefits.

Green tea contains relatively high amounts of a type of phytochemical called EGCG, proven in laboratory studies to be a powerful antioxidant. A variety of antioxidants from plant foods seem to stabilize “free radicals,” protecting DNA from damage that could allow cancer to develop, and protecting blood vessels from damage that could promote blockages. Studies show EGCG can also increase production of enzymes that protect us from cancer-causing substances, decrease levels of a substance key to promoting cancer development, and increase cancer cell self-destruction.

Benefits start with one cup a day, but some claim 3-4 cups are needed to see actual results. I purchase both green and white tea from Amazon (search for Rishi tea). A good tasting green tea for those who do not like the ‘grassy’ taste is Jasmine Pearl. They infuse jasmine leaves (reported to speed metabolism and aid in weight loss) with the green tea leaves in small pearl-shaped balls. You then steep this in 175-185 degF water for 3-4 minutes. This is calorie-free, but I do add some local honey for sweetener.

I also enjoy White Tea, which is really green tea, but using the tips of the fresh leaves picked in early spring. They are silvery in color and are the least processed of all tea types, yielding different types of anti-oxidants. A smooth flavor and alternate to the green tea.


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