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by Maricela on January 28, 2013

Lisa asks…

Where am I going wrong with my weight loss?

I am aiming to lose approx 24 pounds.
I began seriously working on this 20 days ago.

I eat about 1100 calories a day, mostly carbohydrates.
This includes 4 cups of tea/cofee.
I walk for an hour every morning.

So far my weight loss has been 2 pounds in 20 days.
Where am I going wrong?

Maricela answers:

Firstly you are not eating enough calories. That means your body has gone into starvation mode and is trying to preserve your weight. You should eat at least 300 more calories per day at first to ease yourself into the 1200 calories per day you should be eating at the peak of your plan. I would suggest start with 1500 and take out 100 calories a week until you get to 1200 calories.

Also coffee tends to increase water retention so you may find that you are slimmer but the scale is not showing you have lost weight because you are retaining water. Try reducing the amount of salt and coffee you have and drink more water and green tea and also try to reduce your salt intake to help reduce water retention.

Moreover your exercise contains a lot of aerobic exercise but you should vary it a bit more to get best results. So try cycling some days or playing tennis in order to get greater variety. This way you don’t get bored so you are more likely to stick to your regime and you work a greater variety of muscles to ease your weight loss. I would add some strength training to that as well because the more muscles you have the more calories you burn.

Also eating mainly carbohydrates is not good when you exercise. You should add protein to increase your muscle conversion.

Finally you need to give any diet some time in order to start working. Most of your diet efforts will start paying off after a few weeks and you will gradually start losing more and more weight. Hope this helps.

Thomas asks…

How many pounds do I have to lose to start noticing a difference in my body?

I weigh 178lbs and I am 5’5″. I am beginning a new weight loss regiment and want to know about how many pounds I will have to lose before I start to notice a difference in my body. I am talking right now strictly about weight loss— without gaining new muscle (yet!).
I should add I am 24 years old.

Maricela answers:

Recently, I have decided to lose my weight.So I ask question then I have learnt a lot from google and yahoo answers.Now I used to see the questions under this category.Most of the questions asked by teenagers 17,18 and they want to lose their weight 50 Ibs in two months or three months and they knew it is not healthy.I pity for them.Everyone wants to lose weight suddenly,but is not a magic.Our mind and body have to cooperate.Previously, I lose my weight 4kg in 6 months.That time I had a motivation from a TV programme that a girl lose 10 kg in one year time.She said first few months she didn’t see any weight loss.Later on she had a lot of weight loss in following months.So I had impressed by her and I read a lot of books then I follow the instructions.Then I had succeeded.I hope following tips are very helpful.

Action ———– Benifit

1) You paste a photograph of your slim body and evrery day you see the photograph and promise I’ll be come back like this.———You’ll get confident that you can reduce your weight.
2) Start everyday 30 mins walk/jogging/running —- its makes you feel happy, confident,and active througout the day and its help to burn more fat that you eat whole day.
3) a) Drink more water in the empty stomach.
B) Drink 1 tablespoon honey with same amount of water.
—– honey has nutrients that burn fat
5) Create a table of food names and calories that you take often.
4) Consume food calories between 1200 and 1500 —- it makes you to avoid fastt food and sugary food
5) Write food diary —– it makes you to control the food
6) Create a table for exercises then check it every day.—— its motivates to do more
7) Consume more fiber food (oats, whole meal food, mushroom,vegtables,fruits) that you can search in the web.———–Fiber foods digest slowly and you don’t feel hungry.
8) For Breakfast, oats meal is a very good meal to start a day.—— It has no fat but it produce more energy.Morning we need more energy to do work. A cup of milk. A fruit.
9) You cut your food carb upto 50 %. Don’t skip any meal or whole —– its affected your health
10) Avoid drink tea or coffee.It has cafin that affect the digestion of our food.Green tea is very good.
11) Change your lifestyle for life.
12) Do it happily.
13) You can do meditation ( you can find movie clip how to do meditation in youtube)
——- its active your all cells.
14) You can do yoga ( you can find movie clip how to do yoga in youtube) —-its fit your body and
cure diseases.

Good Luck!

Robert asks…

How to mentally prepare to lose weight?

I have to lose weight and have been telling myself this for a long time. I need to know if anyone has any good suggestions for mentally preparing yourself for weight loss? I’ve tried many diets and failed but I need to do this. I have A LOT of weight to lose! Please, any suggestions will help

Maricela answers:

Diets fail because they are usually too restrictive!

Don’t go on a diet. Just make an effort to eat healthier, because a diet is usually seen as temporary (such as a 12 week diet) and then often people resort back to their usual eating habits and gain a lot back. To keep the weight off, it has to be an actual lifestyle change.

You could start off slowly, such as – cutting sugar out of your coffee, a few days later cut out the late night snacks etc.

Im 5″4 and was 190lbs. 2 months later, I am 159lbs (I weighed myself this morning) thats 31 lbs just by watching what I eat.

Typical day for me:
Breakfast: Porridge and skim milk
Snack: Low fat yoghurt and frozen berries
Lunch: Tuna, avocado and tomato on cruskets with a green side salad with some balsamic vinegar
Snack: Walnuts and a piece of fruit
Dinner: Lean meat and veges
Drinks: Water and green tea

I eat all day, so I rarely feel starving (I do feel a bit hungry sometimes though). That diet is 1200calories a day (the minimum a woman should eat)

This way, you don’t have to psych yourself into it. You just know your putting food in your body that will benefit your health. Your not starving your body, your eating the right amount of food in good portions and all healthy choices.

If you eat something bad, don’t feel guilty! Thats the thing about it being a lifestyle change – there will always be times in your life where you eat too much of something or have some takeaways or whatever it may be. Nobody is perfect. During my 2month 31lb loss journey, I have had a night where I drank a bottle of wine and polished off chips and dip, 3 lots of takeaways and a few days where I have scooped peanut butter right out of the jar and just eaten it.

If portion control is your problem, dish up your meal – and then put half of it back.

Exercise wise, I do jump rope – infront of the tv. Its more effective than running. So buy a rope! 🙂 Its hard work, you get breathless fast – so try doing 20jumps, 30 sec break 20 jumps, 30sec break etc to start with for as long as you can.

John asks…

Does Green Coffee work for weight loss and if so how much would I have to have to see results.?

And also would energy shots such as Raging Rex And UZI that have green coffee extract in them work for weight loss.

Maricela answers:

Some coffee is supposed to have many anti-oxidants which is good.Personally I go with Life extension Foundation and prefer green tea which helps you not digest too much fat and carbs and also is anti-cancer so this means it is best.Black tea is good and white tea.

Nancy asks…

How is hot tea better for you than coffee?

Other than tea having less caffeine, what are the arguments for each?

Maricela answers:

Actually green tea has much more caffeine than coffee but is much much better for you.

Coffee doesn’t have much for nutritional benefits except the kick of caffiene you get, and often has added cream and sugar to make it worse. Coffee does contain antioxidants though, but not nearly to the same degree as tea.

Teas, on the other hand, contain nutritional benefits as they are essentially herbs (medicinal or not) steeped in water. Green teas are the best, a real kick of energy and they up metabolism, lower cholesteral, and the antitoxins clean out your system and boosts your immune system. Also GREAT for weight loss, i combined a pot a day with a bad diet and lost 20 lbs over 6 months…hope that helps

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