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by Maricela on March 4, 2013

David asks…

What are good weight loss exercises to start off with?

im starting a diet and im wondering what exercies are good.

Maricela answers:

Cardio is a great way to start. Walking, jogging, running, biking, rowing, etc.
As far as lifting goes
bench press
seated row
lat pull downs
leg press

any of those (theres usually machines that allow you to start light and work your way up)

Nancy asks…

What Do you Think of the slim fast food and shakes?

I’ve tried this before and seemed to work rather quickly but that was 20 years ago and really don’t remember. Would a diet entirely on slim fast shakes (I do remember being in the bathroom a lot from drinking them,the runs) and snacks be the right or best way to lose weight? Although the down fall is it is a rather expensive weight loss program and apparently (I’m assuming) not perament. I have been able to maintain 175 lbs before and would like to lose and maintain/stay at the same weight that I reach. Just went from 178 lbs to 175 lbs in the last month, biking and playing some basketball, walk some but don’t like walking all that much. I find it more tiring than biking moderately.

Maricela answers:

I don’t think a diet made up entirely of slimfast shakes would be all that healthy. I am no expert, let me say, but I would go to your doctor and have them recommend a diet for you. One with loads of veggies and proteins and exercise 3 times a week and lots of water would be a good start I think.

Chris asks…

What’s some good weight loss tips? What should I do for a routine?

So I want to lose weight now, after putting it off thinking I don’t have to. I am 16, 5’7″ and weigh 175. The part I want to cut down is my stomach and, well to put it simple I have man boobs. What are some excersises I can do to cut down my weight, and what are some tips to help me? I don’t even know where to start when it comes to this, but I need to do it. Do you have any advice?

Maricela answers:

Mostly cardio. Start out walking and/or biking, then jogging, then add running. The only way to lose it is to do cardio. That will cut down the fat. At the same time, try doing bench presses and other chest exercises with dumbbells.

Try something like this… Rest every Sunday. Do upper body every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Monday – walk 1 mile
Wednesday – walk 2 miles
Friday – walk 2 miles

Monday – walk 2 miles
Weds – walk 3 miles
Friday – walk 3 miles

Monday – walk 3 miles
Weds – walk half mile, jog 1 mile, walk half mile
Friday – walk half mile, jog 1 mile, walk half mile

Monday – walk half mile, jog 1 mile, walk half mile
Weds – jog 1.5 miles, walk half mile
Friday – jog 1.5 miles, walk half mile

Starting the next week, add walking one mile (no more than that) to your upper body on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

Paul asks…

Burning fat and getting rid of cellulite for good?

I am 15, 5’4 and 119lbs. I understand that is average weight for my height so you dont have to tell me. How do I get rid of fat and cellulite? I have terrible cellulite on the back of my thighs and i just need to find out how to burn all the fat(most of it) from the back/inner thighs. I also understand you can’t target your weight loss to a specific area.

please help me!

Maricela answers:

You’re skinny-fat. You aren’t fat, but you probably have similar habits to fat people and your metabolism is naturally fast enough to stop the consequences of your choices from catching up with you.

Get exercising. Run, bike, swim, ski, I don’t care. Lift weights too. You don’t have much “weight” to lose per se, but you could certainly burn off some excess fat and replace that with lean body mass, which can’t get cellulite!

Donald asks…

How can I drop stomach weight fast and easy ?

I am 5’5 126 pounds and I really want to lose stomach weight . Please help I am going to Florida and I really want to feel more comfortable wearing a bikini I know that I am at a healthy weight but I just really want some tips for belly weight loss please and thankyou!

Maricela answers:

Cardio exercise. Things like running, biking, etc. Things that get your heart rate up.

All around, running intervals is better. Example: sprint as hard as possible for 3 minutes, catch your breath, repeat for a total of 30 minutes. It doesn’t take too long, and it’s a GREAT workout and everyone gets equal strain from it.

Distance running is more fun for other people, but do WHAT’S FUN! That’s the only way to stay motivated.

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