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by Maricela on January 25, 2013

Mark asks…

What are some good summer weight loss camps?

I’m looking for information about good summer weight loss camps – are they all the same?

Maricela answers:

Over the last 10 years or so, summer weight loss camps have changed significantly. Many weight loss camps now emphasize more fun-filled and enjoyable activities, as well as healthy meals, instead of campers feeling like they’re just dieting while at camp. Many camps can also help educate campers in exercise and proper nutrition for long-term lifestyle changes and weight loss.

Here’s a small selection of some of the great weight loss camps in the United States:
Camp Kingsmont (Amherst, Massachusetts) is known as a “fit camp” instead of “fat camp.” Campers are invited to Camp Kingsmont for up to 7 weeks of the summer, where they’ll enjoy well-balanced and healthy meals. A good deal of calorie-burning activities are offered, including tennis, dance, golf, go-carts, horseback riding, and karate.
Wellspring Camps (Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, California, New York, Hawaii) offers campers many activities including swimming and rock climbing. Campers journal their meals and track their steps with pedometers starting on the first day. They will also learn how to cook healthy meals, proper nutrition and diet, and modifying their behaviors. The camp also keeps up with their former campers for 2 following years.
Reality Ranch Military Camp (Ft. Thomas, Arizona) is for boys aged 11-15. The campers sleep in military tents outdoors and wear green camouflage. The camp is structured with military activities and time focused on proper nutrition and exercise. Campers enjoy field trips to the Grand Canyon.
Camp Jump Start (Imperial, Missouri) teaches campers long-term care plans, diet and nutrition, and communication skills, as well as typical camp games, in a traditional summer camp environment. The camp was designed and founded by a specialist in the health care industry, trained in obesity in young people.
Camp La Jolla (La Jolla, California) is for campers aged 8-18. Some of the activities at the camp are mountain biking, soccer, snorkeling, softball, and swimming. The meals are designed for summer weight loss. Campers also enjoy field trips to Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Sea World.
Camp La Jolla also offers a camp for older campers (ages 19-29 and 30-60) as well.
As you can see, there is a good variety of weight loss camps. It’s a good idea to ensure that your camper can lose weight safely by making sure that the summer weight loss camp you select has nurses and nutritionists staffed on site to help if needed.

James asks…

What would be a good weight loss goal for me?

I’m 6’2, 215 lbs, and I want to lose weight… Does anyone know what might be a good weight loss goal for me? (oh, and what might be a good diet for me to go on?)

Maricela answers:

I think a good target weight is around 150 pounds for you, but set smaller goals and then you can reach it.

As for a diet, don’t go for pills. Stick to an exercise program at a gym in your area, or make one for yourself. Make sure you eat a balanced diet full of fruits and veggies. It sounds slow and painful, but it works. By the way, a great exercise is distance running. You should start out at mile runs, and when you’re comfortable doing those add on a few blocks to your route.

Good luck! I hope I helped : )

Joseph asks…

What are good vitamins or supplements to take to aid in weight-loss?

I am 22, 5-11 and 230 pounds. I have started running to lose weight but I have only seen weight gain. I know I am building muscles and weight will increase, but I still feel that I am not losing the weight I could be losing. I am taking vitamin B but I was wondering if there were any other good weight loss supplements to take?

Maricela answers:

There are no vitamins or supplements that will help you lose weight. If you keep to a well balanced healthy diet then you will take in everything you need on those lines.

Count the calories, spread out the meals to keep your appetite in control drink enough water and exercise. Doing this will lose you weight.

There are plenty of places to find out recommended calorie needs etc.

Avoid extreme diet like Atkins. These do leave you short of essentials. And moreover they are often boring and therefore hard to stick to.

Donald asks…

Is swimming good for weight loss and/or reducing your body fat percentage?

I have heard both arguments- that it is good for weight loss, and that it isn’t.

Maricela answers:

Yes it is. Swimming is the best excersise in the world actually

Sandy asks…

Are caffine and energy drinks such as red bull good or bad for weight loss?

i am currently trying to lose about ten kilos and have heard different things about caffine.. some people say its good for weight loss while others say its bad. I actually find energy drinks to really help me to have the stamina to get out there and exercise etc.. are these bad? i usually have the sugarfree ones.
thanks very much!

Maricela answers:

Caffeine is good for weight loss. It’s known to boost metabolism. Not in a huge way, but it does make a little difference.

Red bull is fine too. It’s mainly caffeine and taurine (an organic acid compound. Occurs naturally in the body and plays several physiological roles)

Just look out for sugar. As little as possible on a diet. Take your coffee black and buy sugar free red bull.

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