How to Choose the Best Diet and Make the Program Work

by Maricela on December 25, 2012

What is the Best Diet and is there a simple answer to the weight loss question? The answer is no. I hate the word Diet because it means you will lose the weight and then continue with the eating habits that created the weight problem in the first place. Losing weight is hard, period. It takes a long time to put the extra pounds (sometimes it doesn’t seem to take that long) so it only makes sense it will take a long time to take the weight off. What is a diet? It is the way you eat and the food choices you make. Not a quick fix, so all of the reviewed diets are only successful if you do the following:

1. Incorporate some form of exercise. This is key because not only will you burn more calories you will feel better and your heath will improve (this is far more important than the way you look!)

2. Have a support program and use it. Blog an exercise group (highly recommended). Lean on the resources to get you through the tough periods.

3. A diet or eating plan should be founded on solid principles and should not be a fad. Fad diets do not work! Yes you will lose water weight but a stomach virus does the same thing.

4. Learn how to make the right choices on your own. Research and determine what good choices are. I will write several blogs point to some great resources regarding Diet plans.

When you choose an exercise program, make sure you do something you enjoy. There will be times that you do not want to exercise, so have a variety to keep active during those times. Staying active is probably the #1 way to stay on a diet program and keep the weight off. You can lose weight by starving yourself but you want to lose weight for life.

If you know you have a busy life style, choose a diet and exercise plan that fits that life style. They have several options for meal delivery to your home. Don’t get caught up in the ease of these plans and forget to understand how to make them work yourself.

Rely on friends and support groups to get you through the tough times. Have a workout partner and a diet partner. That way when you start to get off track the can bring you back. It works the other way as well. Hopefully you’re both not having a bad week at the same time. If that’s the case add more people.

Set goals for fitness not weight loss. Your weight loss will stagnate at times and this can be frustrating. Try to walk and certain distance, train for a 5k, or maybe a bike race. If you focus on your weakness your chances for success go down.

Dieting and weight loss is hard; hang in there and you will be glad you did.

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