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Long-term studies of dieting however indicate that the majority of individuals who dieted regain virtually all of the weight that was lost

My Healthy Diet Tips & DIY 5 Min Miso SoupMy Healthy Diet Tips & DIY 5 Min Miso Soup
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diet-pada-penyakit-hatiDiet pada penyakit hati
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Steve Jobs’ fruitarian diet lands Ashton Kutcher in the hospital | (via @TIMENewsfeed)

The Elusive Strawberry BananaThe Elusive Strawberry Banana

A Healthy and Balanced DietA Healthy and Balanced Diet

How dogs adapted to our starchy diet (blog), on Wed, 23 Jan 2013 10:18:07 -0800
Like humans, dogs underwent genetic changes thousands of years ago to adapt to a diet with more starch, researchers report. They say the change suggests that the rise of agriculture and the domestication of dogs might have gone hand in hand — but it

Steve Jobs' Diet Put Ashton Kutcher in Hospital Days Before Filming …
Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized while preparing for his movie role as Steve Jobs: "My pancreas levels were … out of whack, which was really terrifying."

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